Having your baby at OHSU

Childbirth is one of the most
memorable and rewarding events in life. At OHSU, we will work with you
to make your birth experience special, safe, and comfortable. We ask that you pre-register
for your delivery and hospital stay. This will make things
smoother for you upon your arrival on the
day of your baby’s birth. If you’ve been coming to
OHSU for prenatal care, you will most likely
receive a phone call to pre-register about a month
before your delivery date. If not, an OHSU staff
member will visit you in your hospital room to
ensure that you are registered. We are often asked
about where to park when you arrive for your delivery. OHSU offers free valet parking
every day from 9 AM to 10 PM at the emergency room entrance. If you arrive outside
of these hours, plan to park just across the
street from the emergency room entrance on the first
floor of the parking garage and enter through the
emergency room doors. Staff will help direct you
to the elevators, which will take you to the 12th
floor of OHSU hospital. When you arrive
on the 12th floor, you will check in at the front
desk at the Labor and Delivery Unit. A nurse will evaluate
her labor progress and take care of
your immediate needs. If you are in labor,
you will be taken to one of 12 private suites on
the labor and delivery floor. A nurse will ask you some
questions about your health history, pregnancy,
and prenatal care. Your team will carefully
review your birth plan. They will continue
working with you as your labor progresses
and throughout the birth of your baby. Your labor room will have
a large, adjustable bed, space for your support person,
a TV/VCR, Wi-Fi, and a phone. Attached to your room
as a private bathroom with a shower and jetted tub. If you are registered in our
Nurse Midwifery Water Birth program, a birthing towel
will be brought to your room. Experienced nurses will
assist you through your labor. Our childbirth classes offer
information and techniques to help you and
your labor partner prepare and build confidence
for this important event. We can offer birthing
balls and stools. We welcome you to try
massage and encourage changing positions, walking, and
using relaxation and breathing techniques. In addition to the
equipment and natural coping techniques
available, we also have 24-hour anesthesia
coverage and offer a range of pain-reducing
medication options. During the time you are laboring
and delivering your baby, it is best to limit the number
of support people with you. Our rooms are carefully planned
to provide everything you and your care team will
need, but space is limited. After you deliver and you and
your family are recovering, you may ask others to visit. Although most deliveries
are healthy and normal, additional resources
and specialists are just down the
hall if needed. Should a cesarian
delivery become necessary, our operating suites are located
right here on the same floor. About two hours after
delivery, you and your baby will transfer to the
Mother-Baby Unit. Your postpartum
recovery period will be spent in a quiet environment
where specialized nurses will care for you and your baby. To strengthen the
parent-child bond, your baby will stay with you
in your room 24 hours a day. OHSU will make every
effort to have healthy moms and babies recover together. In most cases, your baby will
stay with you after delivery. Should any problem arise, the
Doernbecher Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is fully
equipped and standing by for babies who need
additional help growing and maturing before going home. You’re welcome to have
visitors throughout your stay. Please know that many
new families appreciate having the time in
the hospital to bond in a quiet setting without
a lot of guests present. We encourage you
to keep your focus on rest, recovery, and
getting to know your newborn. When it is time to
leave the hospital, please arrange for
your transportation, and make sure that you
have a car seat safely installed for your infant. Thank you for taking this brief
tour of OHSU’s Family Birth Center. We are honored to share
your birth experience.

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