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This online tour is designed to help you
know exactly what to expect when you’re delivering a baby here. Our hospital is among America’s best,
consistently ranked by US News & World Report as a top Hospital for Women and that
national reputation is something we take great pride in. But I think you’ll find what makes our
center so special is that we treat you and your baby like
you are our only patients. A place where you and your family come
first. A place where your baby will be given the warmest welcome into this
world. I hope you enjoy this tour and discover
why we are one of the most trusted names in women’s health. I had my baby here at the Brigham and it was a fantastic and empowering experience. I feel just so happy that I came here. Happy
that I had two wonderful births at this hospital. From the moment you arrive at Brigham
and Women’s Hospital, we’re ready to make things as easy and
comfortable for you as possible. For your convenience our valet service
will park your car. Our specialized OB admitting
area is just a short walk through the main lobby. Once you are registered and get your
identification bands, you’ll be escorted to the Center for
Women and Newborns. At Brigham and Women’s the health and
safety of you and your family is our priority. You’ll have the comfort in knowing that
all visitors must enter and leave the floors through the security desk located at the Center for Women and
Newborns’ lobby. Only authorized staff members have badge access entering and leaving. And your support
person will have 24 hour access with their identification band. All other visitors must be cleared through our security desk. Every single person that you meet on the labor floor is somebody who cares
about you and your pregnancy, and you feel like you’re getting
very personal care. I think that that is something that is very very special
here. Here in the triage area your
covering physician or midwife will monitor your labor. And as it progresses, you’ll be admitted to
one of our 24 private labor and delivery rooms Privacy is the great thing. You get your own room with everything available to you – TV, refrigerator, phones, sleeping chair. Each
labor and delivery room is designed for your safety, comfort and support. The birthing bed is fully adjustable.
WiFi internet access is available in every room. And your support person can stay right
here on a pull-out chair that turns into a twin bed. Everything you need is in the room, and
there are things like birthing balls and birthing bars available to make labor more comfortable. For women having C-sections, operating
rooms are located on the labor and delivery floor. And your support person will be assisted
in preparing to go to the OR. We will know your birth plan and will do everything possible to help you attain
your goals for childbirth. I feel that I received world-class care
and the sense that the nurses were extremely
compassionate and supportive of the birth plan that I set out to accomplish. We’re really lucky here at Brigham and
Women’s Hospital because we have such a team approach to patient care. Every person who is a member of that team from the person who helps clean the rooms to the nursing staff to
the pediatric staff to the obstetrical staff works together to provide the best
patient experience. I oversee the pain relief for all
the women who deliver at our hospital here in Boston. If you’ve
decided to have an epidural, you’ll meet with an anesthesiologist. The
advantage of the epidural anesthetic is that this is a type of what’s called
regional anesthesia, which means that a certain region of the
body is anesthetized with a type of nerve block. This allows the patient to
be comfortable and pain-free, but yet wide awake to enjoy the labor
and the birth without being sleepy. The quality of care is really second to none. The quality of care that I received here was so so wonderful and
just so above and beyond what I think you could
hope for in a labor and delivery and postpartum situation. Before I said what I wanted or what
I needed, somebody was already doing it. Many of our patients choose to have a
natural childbirth. That is delivery without pain relieving
medication. And with eight thousand babies born here a year, our nurses, obstetricians and midwives are very experienced in managing all
different types of labor. We have so many beautiful things that happen every day here as part of our experiences in midwifery service, and
it’s especially rewarding at the end when the new mom is holding her baby and
she looks at you and makes eye contact and says I did it. I made it through this birth
without any medicine. As you experience the joy of your baby’s
birth, we celebrate it with you and immediately help to promote bonding
between mom and baby. That’s what skin to skin contact does and it’s the reason we’ll ask if you’d like your baby to be placed on your chest and gently
cleaned off. Skin to skin contact also promotes
successful breastfeeding and temperature regulation for the
newborn. I find it is the ultimate privilege
to be able to be a part of moments that families are
going to remember for the rest of their lives and it is fuel for me. You have a brief recovery
period in labor and delivery and then for security reasons you and
your baby will receive matching identification bands before being brought to an all private
postpartum room We know the best place for baby is to be
with mom, and while the nursery is available for medical procedures or
time you need to be off the floor, we encourage you to room in with your
baby as much as possible. I think it was just a really important
part of the postpartum experience because the first few days, the first few hours, it is a really precious time. Each
postpartum room is bright and spacious with its own bathroom and shower, mini-refrigerator, sleeper chair, TV, Internet access and telephone. Room service is available as are snacks
at the kitchen that is located on every floor. A bassinet is here for
your baby to sleep in and for any travel through the hallways.
Breast pumps are also available in every room and lactation consultants are on the
floor ready to teach you about positioning and proper latching. They also provide
the emotional support and encouragement that can make all the difference in
breastfeeding success we think of all babies as miracles
because I think they really are. Should your baby have any special or
emergency needs, we are fortunate here at Brigham and
Women’s to have a world-class neonatal intensive care unit. Neo-natal units have different levels. We are a level 3, which is really the
highest level neonatal care and that means that we can
provide care for babies with virtually any problem. We’re able to help
babies who otherwise would not be able to
survive or to thrive and in such a high percentage of cases we
are able to accomplish both those things. I think one of the
things that really distinguishes Brigham and Women’s is that we are connected by a bridge literally
to one of the foremost children’s
hospitals literally on the globe, so that we
know that whatever comes our way we are going to be able to handle it.
When my baby was in the NICU, I thought that we were all really
supported by the nurses. Her third day in the NICU was Father’s
Day, and it was my husband’s first Father’s Day and so the nurse made up a card with her picture and when he
opened it, he had tears of joy and so did I just
because it was our first picture of her and it was the best Father’s Day gift he’s ever received Family-focused care that’s our philosophy. We recognize that
the birth of a baby is also the birth of a new family and we’re sensitive to
the individual needs of your family. Family-focused care at
Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a comprehensive approach to preparing
and supporting each family that comes to us. This care
begins with preparing you even before the arrival of your baby
with prenatal care information and educational programs as
well as programs for siblings and other services to ensure that you are well prepared for
your new baby and after the birth the nurse caring for you and your
baby become familiar with you and your family specific needs providing
support information and education that will help
you long after you go home After spending a few days with us,
it’s time to begin your new life together at home. You need to have an infant car seat
installed and we recommend comfortable clothes for
you and your baby when it’s time to go. You’ll be escorted
in a wheelchair to your car which will be waiting for you out front.
I hope that you have enjoyed this tour and learning more about having your baby
at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital All the staff at Brigham and Women’s
are focused on serving your needs during your delivery and
first days postpartum Our center is a state of the art
facility that not only provides the most advanced
care but is also a nurturing patient and
family focused environment as you prepare for
the joyous day of your baby’s birth I hope that you find comfort and know
that you are in good hands with our talented and dedicated nurses, physicians, midwives and support staff. I wish you
the best on this joyous occasion

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