Having Surgery at Boys Town National Research Hospital

Hi! My name is Adam. Today I’m going to have surgery at Boys
Town National Research Hospital. Do you know what kind of surgery or procedure
you are having? Follow me and I’ll show you exactly what
to expect on your surgery day! The first thing we are going to do is check-in
at the check-in desk. The receptionist put a paper bracelet on my
wrist with my name and birthday on it. This way everybody knows who I am. Next, a nurse walks my mom and I to a room
so she can check my height and weight. Then the nurse walks my mom and I to a hospital
room. Wow, I have my own bed, TV and bathroom. I unpacked all of my fun things from home. I brought my teddy bear, blanket and my DS
player. What are you going to pack from home? Then I change into my cool hospital pajamas. All the kids that come to the hospital wear
these pajamas so they don’t bring germs into the surgery room. In my room I get to meet a lot of new people. They all like working with kids and will do
everything to help make your surgery day comfortable and happy. First I meet my nurse for the day. She asks my mom and I important questions
so I’m ready for surgery and puts all our answers into the computer. She makes sure I haven’t had anything to
eat or drink today. She also checks my vitals. This means she wants to make sure my body
is ready for surgery. She listens to my heart and lungs with a stethoscope
and slides a thermometer across my forehead and behind my ear to take my temperature to
see how warm by body is. She checks my blood pressure with a machine
that gives my arm a little hug. Then she puts a pulse-ox on my finger. This clips right on my finger and has a red
light inside it. Nothing hurt and she says my vitals looked
good for surgery. Next, a Child Life Specialist comes to say
hi! She shows me pictures and answers my questions
about my surgery day so I know what is going to happen while I am at the hospital. I get to practice, touch and play with real
medical equipment. This stuff is really cool! This is like the mask I’ll wear in surgery. It feels soft and squishy like a balloon. The Child Life Specialist has so many fun
things to do while I wait for my turn to go to surgery. I think I’ll check out the play room. While I am playing my nurse brings in a drink
of medicine that kids take before surgery. This medicine helps me relax before surgery. I get to see my doctor. My doctor makes sure my mom and I don’t
have any questions. My anesthesiologist comes to my room too. The anesthesiologist is the doctor that gives
you special sleepy medicine in your mask for your surgery; just like the Child Life Specialist
showed me. Can you say anesthesiologist? I just call them the “sleep doctors.” The mask fits right over my nose and mouth. When I breathe into the mask it will
help me take a special nap so I don’t feel anything at all during my surgery. The sleep doctor uses a stethoscope to listen
to my heart and lungs and has me open my mouth really big. If I was older the doctors will want me to
get the sleepy medicine through an IV. Well it’s my turn to go to surgery! Sometimes it’s cold in the operating room
so my nurse gives me a warm blanket. I grab my teddy bear and blanket and sit on
a bed with wheels. How cool, I get to go on a ride to the operating
room. I give my mom a big hug and the anesthesiologist
and operating room nurse say they’ll take very good care of me. In the operating room the nurses and doctors
wear special pajamas kind of like mine. They wear a hat and a mask to make sure everything
stays clean. In the operating room I see big bright lights
so the doctor can see better, a computer and some medical equipment. Just like I practiced with the Child Life
Specialist the anesthesiologist put the mask over my nose and mouth. I take a few breaths and then I fall asleep
so the doctor can do my surgery. I wake up in the recovery room or I call it
“the wake up room.” I didn’t feel anything while I was sleeping. There is a nice nurse by my side to make sure
I feel good after my surgery. When I wake up, I have a small straw on my
hand called an IV. It doesn’t hurt, but it has to stay in my
hand until it’s time to go home. She even lets me pick out a prize for doing
so well on my surgery day. She gives me a ride back to see my mom in
my room. I get to have some juice or even a Popsicle. After I rest and the nurse checks my vitals
she takes the IV off my hand and says I can go home today. Some kids have to stay the night after surgery. My nurse gives me a ride in a wheelchair to
my car. That’s all there is to having surgery at
Boys Town National Research Hospital. Thanks for coming with me on my surgery day!!!

100 thoughts on “Having Surgery at Boys Town National Research Hospital

  1. I wish I watched this when I needed surgery on my eardrum. Well, im all set for when I need my wisdom teeth removed in like, 3 weeks. I was so worried and nervous untill I saw a kid younger than me chilling out. Lul

  2. I had two surgeries, the first one was for my nose due to many nose bleeds, and the second one was on my left pinkie due to a fractured finger

  3. I didn’t have to do all this before the surgery they just brought me in the room and knocked me out and probably did all that when they did that and I had 5 surgeries in two months

  4. When I had a surgery I was aloud to chose if I wanted an ivy or the mask and the sleep doctor said the Iv was the easiest thing to use to get put asleep

  5. I like the hospital, you get to lie in bed a lot and watch TV and you have a nice cosy room to sleep In

  6. "what will you bring to you're surgery?"

    1: blanket
    3: my inhaler
    4: my iPad (so I can play Roblox and watch YouTube)
    5: probably the food I want to eat after the surgery
    6: my mother
    7: my father

  7. I had surgery on my foot, and it was kinda like this I guess, I was 11 when I had the surgery and I'm 12 now

  8. Omg you just made surgery a lot easier I thought you had to stay awake and scream in pain but you won’t feel anything!!

  9. When I was 8 I had appendicitis (when your appendix gets infected) I had to do surgery I am 10 now and also if your scared for having surgery don’t it’s not as bad as you think the only part that hurts is when they put the IV into your nerve and that only stings for 5seconds so don’t worry if you are going to ha e surgery be brave like this guy

  10. your brave and when and when i went to dentist i was putting medicine in my tooth and they put like a thing so it wont hurt for my tooth

  11. I had surgery on my knee when I was 8 bc I was hit by a car and my knee was so messed up😂so now I have a huge scar

  12. I had to have a surgery when I was one because of my tonsils thay has to spilt it on half so I could talk. It was really sad said my mom and dad. I couldn’t remember anything , DUH! Cause I was 1

  13. This helps me feel better I’m a girl thought and I’m having surgery tomorrow and I’m really scared but this gave me some confidence thanks sooo much

  14. He is so nice! I don't think i'm gonna have surgery in a short time, but when it happens maybe this video will help me not to stress 🙂

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