Having an EEG at Evelina London Children’s Hospital

My name is Kayleigh and I’ve come to the
Evelina Children’s Hospital to have an EEG test When I walked into the Evelina
Hospital it felt like it was just for children because it had loads of toys and it’s very colourful I came to have an EEG to measure my brain waves [Mum] How are you feeling? I was feeling a little bit anxious
but when I had it done it was okay when Maria came in she was very nice to me she was very friendly, she said the
EEG would show pictures of my brain I think that’s quite amazing [Maria] did you have to wake up very early? So Mum, you can sit over there
and Kayleigh I need you on this one The big and comfy one is for you. So you’re here today so I
can record your brainwaves OK? It’s really easy to do, it doesn’t hurt [Kayleigh] First Maria measured my head and
when she put the crayon on me it tickled a little bit then she said I could look at the iPad, I didn’t
realise I’d get to play games while it was happening after that Maria put disks on with a
paste and it was very sticky, it didn’t hurt at all. It felt funny when I had the wires on because every time I moved I realised there was a wire on my head When I put the netted
hat on I looked really funny [Mum] Wow! Cool hat Kayleigh! Maria asked mummy to give me some medicine it was okay it tasted a little bit like strawberries [Maria] You’re doing really well so far and now
I need you to keep still and close your eyes for me [Kayleigh] Maria asked me to open and close my eyes then she asked me to blow on a colourful windmill I blew as hard as I could Maria asked me to lie on the bed, she
asked me to look at some flashing lights and it looked a little bit like a disco I didn’t
really like it but it didn’t hurt and it didn’t take very long then mummy sat next to me
I got comfortable and went to sleep when I woke up I was feeling a
little bit sleepy still finally Maria took the wires off
my head and cleaned my hair with a cotton ball I could still feel some sticky stuff in my hair. Maria said when I got home I
could wash my hair and it would all come out I’m glad it’s done and I feel fine.
Now I’m gonna go home on the train. Goodbye!

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