HAUNTED HOSPITAL of NIGHTMARES! | Investigating the Abandoned Corregidor Hospital

can you touch one of us thank you
until my legs that sounds like screams oh my god let’s
get out of here let’s get out of here hi guys thank you for tuning into Amy’s Crypt I’m currently walking through Corregidor Island which is in the
Philippines very haunted Islands and I am on my way to the most haunted
location here which is an old abandoned military hospital
it’s supposed to be insanely active so they’re going there in the dark of night
to do a paranormal investigation so stay tuned so this is the road that we’re
following towards the hospital and there’s no streetlights or anything out
here there’s literally nothing on this island so this is where we can really
see one of our torches is already dying and we’re hoping we can make it to the
hospital investigate and make it back which is about an hour walk back to the
inn that we’re staying that but it’s bloody scary out here look how dark it
is so you just got into one of the ruins on the way to the hospital we seen this
earlier today so we know we’re not very far off and this place is so creepy at
night and what’s even scarier about it is not so much oh there’s one over here
there’s actually bullet hole marks that you can see in this structure as well
so it’s a little bit disturbing that’s got open something falling from
the tree what a monkey for something headers all right guys we’ve just made
it to the hospital and this is so creepy at night this is probably one of our
scariest investigations with completely well I hope we’re completely alone out
here and this place looks freaking scary so normally I’d be annoyed if those
people around because it means it takes longer to film but I’d actually like Dax
we’re on a deserted island an abandoned hospital yeah no one should be we
shouldn’t be here but here we are yeah I’m gonna be super scared if we run into
anyone here let’s do it all right guys we’re just about to enter the hospital
supposed to be an insanely active place for paranormal activity it has a crazy
history broke the island and this hospital there was a lot of death here
if you guys are interested in knowing a bit more about that and it’s connection
to World War two especially go check out my part one video but we’re about to
head inside this is definitely what we both find to be the creepiest area of
the hospital so we gotta check it out at night sorry with me this reveal we send this during the day
and we didn’t really want to miss with it because it looks like some kind of
trap to enter already in here maybe this is a good spot to try and reach now
doing most of my investigations in English so there was a lot of US
soldiers on Ireland it was occupied by the in life sites for quite some time
and a lot of the USO just died here there’s also Filipino soldiers that died
in it and Japanese soldiers that died here we could return a range of
languages but since I speak English I’m gonna buy the Valerie I’d like to communicate can you give us
the sign that you’re here hey guys it’s making noise can you come past me and tell me if you
feel this true that’s all my legs almost I don’t know everything
I can’t what do you think that cooking would look like you mean is what you to
it but I feel cold around me now is there someone here with me if you make a
noise can you say something can you touch one of us nothing it’s rotted tapping over here we
have when you come to this hospital maybe you worked here they do if there’s someone here getting closer
to us one of the commonly reported para
mother’s Avenue is hearing different point footsteps did you make that noise can you make it
again there are monkeys about one started
really I mean their walk for like they jump between no because how we got into
there was we had two alternates across the odd stairs I don’t trust him either let’s go over there now though before
that torch on tap but that I play those better in here Keshawn your torch down double dead
still oh my god let’s get out of here let’s get out of
here bow to me okay the birds in there of
psychos and one just like fleas to us around the back the other side and this this this this this
okay that sounds like screams but and there’s definitely big monkeys around so
that could be them and we’re a little bit worried about them earlier it was
grinning its teeth at us which i think is a sign of like watch out I’m
aggressive you don’t want to miss something so I hope they wouldn’t run
into them in the night this different part that we want to go to
you want to conduct a few more experiments that there’s different
levels of the hospital different rooms and these ones are also very interesting
I don’t think that they have these scary birds in them no it was in the next room underneath there behind a still sleeping
homestead here to go into the front room baby yeah for you going to you okay I’m getting resource kids that like
a chest pain at all so like my sparring room like ten it’s going to be like 100 come out as I
saw something yeah monkeys right I know the birds
surely I think the front of the hospital and I we just spare folks he really yeah breaking this feels like a kitchen or a
bathroom link Foles house sewer just inside and maybe
a meat level of the hospital one of its larger rooms and we might try and reach
out yeah so many paranormal activities been reported here but a lot of moans
and cries disability footsteps and voices and whispers people have also
reported sounds as if there’s an operation of hospital going on around
them when the space is just dead abandoned for so long there’s a lot of
apparitions shadow figures and orbs or so perhaps you know the photos and
videos and sighted so it’s an interesting one we’d have to reach out I
think I’m gonna press a to the spirit box
probably maybe become to reach out I mean this but it’s get us your soldier can you show yourself to us is there
someone here two things
I thought that I could yeah but coming from above me so I stopped
after I stopped that’s animals again looking a straight
down here I could see a red light off in the distance oh this like it could be
tight light of a car but there’s just no way that it could it could be a car out
yeah I’m not sure that was unless there is a little red LED light on the camera
maybe that was Spanish into my eyes or something I just heard like a rumble let’s make my
bruises mm-hmm I think frankly I guess it could have been off that is why your hair what an era today like a really heavy breath in my ears but in here I thought it was yeah I don’t stand under the friend
speaker history was right that’s crazy yeah
yeah I heard a music there’s one couple of staying in that we
staying in and you can only get over on ferry once a day so people tend to come
out here for day trips there are few people that live here but not many it’s
that like 10 people max yeah it’s a really secluded remote place like
there’s no one here so it’s odd to hear music I mean it’s the highest chance
that it’s just someone playing music out there but that’s equally as creepy as it
being a ghost this place I can hear it don’t fear doesn’t my
reason why this should be anyone out yeah listen a dazzling west wing of this abandoned
military hospital I’m going to go to obsessions I’m heating bullet now and
you guys should see some bleeding this come up and I want to do it guys two
minutes abandoned hospital here tribunal islands has such a crazy history that
you know especially this hospital is surprised to be the most one of the most
welcome prices in the Philippines it’s very notorious so walk around I
might pull out a few questions in English with seafood your response also
to see if we can plant any strange magnetic fluctuations
some people believe indicate the presence of spirits how is our hospital
would you like to talk if you I’d like to my name is Annie you can come close
to me and say anything you’d like why were you in this hospital did you sustained an injury or maybe you
worked here Jemison any higher expects yeah how many spirits onions can he give me a
sign as you are around what happened here we hear during the wall and you trapped here I’m gonna stop this
I can hear another plane coming here dude this place is seriously crazy from
the doll c’mon parts of the swing from memory during the day were pretty
dangerous I went down out of the way Ken yeah okay singing it could be the same
music never heard earlier doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the hospital or
anything like that sort of from a distance
my camera just itself we feel more than anything from the menu I just thought
for one of my torturous is pretty much dead life is really scary but it’s especially
scanning this anyone even they what type of birds yeah you did see them earlier
today actually pull at first those bats because they’re living in these dark
parts of the ruins here and they fly out real quick kind of like a bad does it’s
definitely been you know what they offer thank you guys so much for watching and
exploring this scary abandoned hospital with me if you did like this video
please remember to Like comment share and subscribe that way can keep taking
you to these scary locations if you want to do any more reading on all haunted
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  2. I've been wanting to go there and experience the paranormal stuff. They say the island is full of paranormal activities. Paranormal activities aside, I would like to honor the Americans and Filipino soldiers who fought and fell in battle in the island's defense.

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  4. Hi Amy. If you are still here in the Philippines, I would suggest you to do a paranormal investigation on Clark Airbase Hospital in Subic, Clark. This is by far the most haunted place in the Philippines and it was even featured in a ghost hunter TV series in USA. Before it was the Diplomat Hotel in Baguio city that was the most haunted but it is now being reconstructed. For us fans, I am hoping you could visit the place. More power to your channel Amy. Take care! ๐Ÿ‘

  5. When I went there around 7 or 8yrs ago I encountered a "ghost" .. he is a soldier from Pensylvania.. i just don't remember his name..

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  8. I praise you for going to Corregidor and staying there for the night. It's incredible for ghost hunting because the WHOLE island is a memorial. Not everyone can live on the island per se. I am so drawn to that place and I want to go again. But this time, overnight.

    I would also like to find relics. Although there's a museum & a store that sells them, nothing beats actually finding on on the ground. The energy the island has is incredible.

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  13. Around what time was it that night when you captured the soft music on the footage? Coz if it's deep at night like 12AM or later, it's unlikely to be a local from that area playing music that loud that you can hear it from the site, as most people from remote areas don't really stay up that late, and play soft music that loud (not unless they're aware of the investigation you're doing and they intend to scare the crap outta you guys.

    Much love from ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ. Stay safe. Keep up the creeps! ๐Ÿ‘ป

  14. You've found what you're lookin for, Philippines has many haunted places. And ghots are real. If so, then demons and God are real as well.

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    full brightness and full your screen and look closely๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

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  18. the thing that flew passed you is not a bird, it's a bat. birds don't fly passed humans unless they are coming from the ground, like when they are picking something or what.

    There are far more dangerous things in remote areas in the Philippines than ghosts. Aside from Engkantos (as we call it here in PH) or creatures that retaliates when disturbed, you also might encounter rebels hiding in such places. It's even scarier if you get caught in a bad situation, like if they try to kidnap you and use you to defile the government.

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  24. Donโ€™t worry you are safe here in the comments ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป

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  31. My pinoy friend told me that the scariest part of the corregidor is the tunnel where you can hear screams and creepy voices even in daylight

  32. Obviously the ghosts there can't response to your questions because you're not speaking native filipino language hehe

  33. That place is memorable…I was with my ex girlfriend and we went there at night. When our camera started to be static for no reason which freaked us out. The moment that I looked at her I saw a few strands of her hair raising up like as if someone was holding it. I was so scared that I can't even shout or move ten when I had chance I ran as fast as I could (she followed) and when we got back in the inn my girlfriend broke up with me because I ran away.

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