Haunted Hospital | Horror Story | Haunted Animated Stories

n the evening, while I was sitting at a restaurant, I was eating and drinking. Suddenly my phone rang. I was eating and drinking. Suddenly my phone rang. There my friend Demon called, I received the phone and my mind was filled with frustration at what I knew. My friend Arthur had an accident and he was hospitalized. Immediately I left the restaurant for the hospital. Arthur and I have been good friends since I was a kid. His father and my father work in the same office. A good relationship always exists between us. I reached the hospital and entered my friend Arthur’s room. There was no one in the room except me, and I saw Arthur was sleeping. I was standing next to him, Suddenly, someone called my name once Jonak I got out of Arthur’s room to see it, and I saw nobody, and then the lights went out in the hospital. At the same time a horrible shout, that came from my friend Arthur’s room. I immediately entered his room, In the meantime, all the hospital lights were lit. I see blood coming out of Arthur’s chest, As I approached, I could see some scars on his chest. So long People in the other room have also come out after hearing his screams, and An elderly hospital doorman also entered the room. He then informed me that, a woman in this room had delivered an unusual baby and The baby was killed in this room by its mother. From that, many unusual things happen to those who stay in this room. I immediately accompanied my friend from that hospital to another hospital.

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