Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital—34th Street

For us in children’s healthcare at NYU Langone The opening of the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital
was a game changer. The Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital has been a dream of mine since I started and this is an amazing place. The new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital is a state of the art medical facility built for families and designed by families Single patient rooms are great. You have privacy, it’s easy
for the parents to stay overnight It creates a place for the family and
they can make it a little bit like a home. This hospital is going to outlast all of us. So we wanted to make sure that
we’re being very thoughtful about how the technology would grow
with the building. The operating rooms are futuristic. We have high technology screens
throughout the operating room and we have the ability to actually bring in
consulting physicians on an audio and visual basis This facility has everything necessary
to provide the best medical and surgical care to the children at the hospital. But seeing as this is a children’s hospital, an equal amount of emphasis was placed on making sure childhood was being fostered as well. We were very excited to work
on the artistic aspects of the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital. The theme is New York as seen through a child’s eyes. Being part of the family advisory council is an opportunity for us to give back. They took our feedback and there’s a small hint in every corner of the hospital. MyWall is a digital wall
in the patient rooms that provides an interactive capability
to the patients and their families. We heard repeatedly how mothers and fathers yearned for a place to step outside and listening to what the families told us,
cemented for us that the outdoor terrace would be very important. Everyone has contributed generously to the ideas that have ultimately been incorporated
into not only the building facility but the spirit of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital. It’s very exciting!

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