Hasan Fattah, MD – UK HealthCare

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Hassan Fattah. I’m Assistant Professor at
Transplant Nephrology, Internal Medicine. I’ve seen people who
are getting dialysis. Unfortunately, they have not
the best quality of life. Many studies show
that these patients will have expected life
expectancy of almost advanced cancers. The best option for them so
far, we had a kidney transplant. That’s the reason
why I start getting more interested in learning more
about how to help this patient. After I did finish my two
years of nephrology fellowship at New York University
Hospital, I decided to do one extra year, just to
dedicate this time to learn more about how to help
this patient to get a kidney transplant, when I did one
extra year of fellowship at Virginia
Commonwealth University. For transplant, you have a
special rapport with patients, because every part of your team,
from day number zero, where they get the transplant,
even from before when you see them for
evaluation and you decide, OK, this patient is going to be
a good candidate for transplant who can benefit. Transplant nephrology is
a progressive specialty. It never stops, in
terms of new research, new ideas of how to mix
this patient’s life better. It’s not an easy job. It’s very complicated,
the way that kidneys work in the recipient’s body. But that’s actually
one of the things that we usually lack focus
on, to see how we can prolong this kidney life further. I think I spend more time
with patients than average. I listen to them, and I
keep asking them questions, just to make sure. Sometimes a patient
will feel a little bit shy at the beginning,
like discussing special things about them. But by the end, I feel
I am able to make them like they can be open with me. And I think that’s
where my strengths are, I can go and see my
patients in clinic. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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