Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Medical Education Application Process

My name is Marty McKnight and I am the
Admissions Manager for Harvard Medical School’s Postgraduate Medical Education programs. Today I would like to speak to you about
the application process and let you know that there is a dedicated team of
admissions coordinators here to help you. When submitting your online application,
you will be asked to complete five sections. Our first section refers to
your basic contact details. In section number two, you will be asked about your
education history and your professional career. Section three is your personal
statement. This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself. Tell us about
your background, your career. Tell us about your goals and your aspirations
for the future. This is the section where you can also apply for scholarship.
Tell us about your financial need and tell us how this program will impact
your community and the institution that you serve. Please check the website for
scholarship details. Lastly you will be asked to submit a CV or resume and a
letter of recommendation. Your letter of recommendation should come from a
supervisor or a head of department. You do not need to submit these right away.
You can email those documents at a later time to us. Lastly I would recommend that
you sign up for an online information session. This is a great opportunity to
speak with the program director and ask the admissions coordinators any
questions or concerns that you have. Thank you. We look forward to reading
your application.

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