Harvard Medical: A look at the admissions process

Good afternoon. Admissions. How may I help you? So the full title of this office is the
Office of the Committee on Admissions, and it’s actually the committee that makes the admissions decisions, and these are
all faculty and students. We receive about six thousand
applications each year. We invited 933 of those people
to come to campus and interview, and among them 219 received offers. So I’m often asked, “What is the
perfect Harvard Medical School student?” “What are you really looking for?” And the answer is, it’s not really any one thing. We’re looking for future leaders in American and International medicine, and how one defines leadership is really up to them. You might have one person has
done just tons and tons of research, they might have publications, sometimes we have people who have PHD’s, and you might have somebody else who’s
done no research it all — they’ve done all the prerequisites. They’re very
academically ready but they focus more on perhaps community
work. We’re looking for a very diverse class. A diverse class not just in terms of
geography and ethnicity and gender, but we’re also looking for a diverse
class in terms of passion. Sometimes people just have the sort of amazing life stories, and that might be the sort of extra piece that they’re bringing besides the fact that they are academically prepared to be here. For other folks, they might have a much
more standard sort of background. If everyone in the orchestra
played the cello we wouldn’t have been orchestra, and we very much want to have
an orchestra, because that creates a much better learning experience. And if you think about it that’s kind of appropriate, because the world of medicine
has lots of different careers — it’s not
just one thing that doctors do, there’s lots of different things that they do, so we need to bring in a pool of talent that can go out into this profession
that, you know, fills those different niches. Harvard Medical School’s medical school
curriculum has two flavors. The majority of the
students are part of our traditional medical school curriculum. We also have the Health
Sciences and Technology program, which is a joint program with the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology. The HST-MD program receives
approximately 1200 applications. Of those applications, approximately
170 applicants will be invited to interview with the HST-MD program. Of that number, 30 students are selected to be members
of the class. My favorite part of the job is interview day. I remember my interview
day, and I remember driving onto Avenue Louis Pasteur and seeing the
Quadrangle that the and block and saying to myself, “Wow.” So much goes into the logistics of
interview day, not just coordinating the space, the media, the catering, but, you know, months but
before that. Recruiting interviewers… Every group seems to have its own little personality. Sometimes you walk in and it’s a very lively
group and they laugh at all your jokes, and then other times they’re very
serious and nervous and your trying to put them at ease. Throughout the season I communicate
with a lot of different applicants about various issues or questions they
have, so it’s nice when they actually come and I know who they are. The applicants are here, and they’re wonderful. They’re traveling from all over the country. They all show up in their black suits. They’re very excited and very nervous to be here. We could fill the class
several times over with people who have great numbers who may or may not be good doctors, and
so this is why we do interviews. It’s an expensive process, it’s a complicated
process, but we do them because we really need to know how people can interact
with with patients, and you really need to
meet people in person to do that. I came to Harvard Medical School initially in 1965. I never thought I’d come to Harvard because, as with so many
of our students, Harvard is a reach for everyone. It is a real joy to interact with such people and to see the enthusiasm of our faculty working together with students
to identify these promising people.

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  2. I’ve got my md degree, but what’s so wonderful about it. As md’s, it’s now a struggle for money, turf wars, and bitter thoughts of having given up your life

  3. How the fk is how you react during the interview reflect on how you will interact with patients in the future. Obviously the interview is a lot more stressful.

  4. I went in for an interview and they asked what qualifies me to be a student at Harvard med and I told them I had the idea for viagra waaaay before it was ever made.

  5. I’m in second grade and I want to become a neonatologist. I already started doing experiments on my little brother blessed to have a in house sample 🙂

  6. I am only 11 years old and I am thinking of college its my biggest dream to go to Harvard am gonna be trying my hardest from now Harvard please except me like when i apply my admission.

  7. I am in grade 8 and I want to become a gynecologist from HARVARD University !! It's my dream !! I don't know weather it will happen or not !! I have never went out from my country INDIA !! Coz I want to step out from INDIA for the first time and go in HAVARD !!

  8. My dream is to study at harvard and become a surgeon but it is expensive thats why it is my dream cuz it can’t be real

  9. 0:30 Read this for the real answer that they are dancing around. The lowest overall gpa and sgpa for accepted students was 3.73 and 3.7, respectively. Lowest MCAT = 513, lowest category being CARS (126). All that other talk is just window dressing. These numbers a their primary concern.

  10. I didn’t know Harvard Medical School had a channel until it popped up in my suggestions😄

    I filmed a video on my channel about how to get into Harvard Medical School through Harvard Extension School!! This is a great option if you’re an older, non-traditional premed and/or if you have a low G.P.A. Feel free to check out that video and leave a comment if it helped you out! Good luck everyone💫

  11. I am from Bangladesh.The full process of this admission in medical school is not clear to me.Can anyone help me to make it clear??????

  12. If I don’t get in to Harvard medical or Harvard law I’ll keep trying again and again. I don’t care how old I am. I won’t apply anywhere else as backup. This has been my dream since I was like 5

  13. This video is pretentious. You can go to Alaska osteopathic medical school of nowhere and still graduate making doctor money, doctor job security, and doctor prestige. Medicine is the one field where your pedigree rarely matters; your skill as a doctor does.

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  15. In my HMS interview, I was asked why I particularly wanted to go to HMS. I told them: "Well, gosh, geez, shucks…I guess somebody's gotta go here!" They musta liked the answer 'cause I got in…with a full 4 year scholarship to boot!

  16. Having an “amazing life story” isn’t a fair way to consider acceptance. Some people get lucky enough to have that amazing, unique backstory that sets them apart from everyone else, but 99% of people probably don’t get a chance to have that story. It’s not their choice, why is it something that helps them get into a certain school?

  17. I am a semi-retired MD. I graduated from a U.S. medical school; I will not tell you where because I don't want this to bias your reaction to what I am about to tell you. But, let me tell you what REAL medicine is all about. Medicine is medicine, no matter where you are. The same principles of medicine need to be taught and learned no matter where in the world you are. There is no medical literature database that is only exclusive to one medical school; it is open source throughout the world. Ultimately, medical practice involves probability, statistics and good judgement. Most of the time, practitioners will be dealing with patients that present with very routine maladies and ailments and diagnosing and treating these patients is, likewise, pretty routine. However, every once and a while you will be thrown a "curve ball" and now you, SINGLY, must deal with the problem. This is what most aspiring doctors fail to grasp. Ideally, medical schools should teach students that they need to deal with whatever comes there way in a logical way using the entirety of their fund of knowledge. However, these two elements, logical thinking and fund of knowledge, are far from being standardized throughout ALL the ranks of practicing physicians and medical students – no matter where they went or are currently going to medical school. In essence, as a physician, you are continuously being asked to provide answers to diagnostic and then treatment questions. Unfortunately, unlike the k-type multiple choice questions that we are usually so familiar with on school exams, the correct answers are hidden from view when treating a patient. The other important consideration here is that usually with each physician, "the buck stops here" – each physician must understand that each decision they make is SINGLY their own, and they SINGLY bear the responsibility for the consequences these decisions bring. Now, there is NO medical school in the world that can accurately or even adequately, predictably determine which medical school candidate will ultimately conform in the highest way possible to these ideals. As a physician, no matter where you went to medical school, you must understand that you, in fact, are first and foremost a solitary island when it comes to rendering paid medical advice.

  18. Take an important general lesson kids, it’s not just med school that looks for these interests. It’s all faculties and universities around the country. They love “passion diversity” one may be a painter in the class one may be a singer. Etc. So go learn a skill !

  19. I have done 4 years of nursing and now a registered nurse in India but now I want to be a doctor and wish to study medical science in usa …how should I proceed ?

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  24. Paying everything Harvard offers with Hate, what is help at that? Paying everything California offers with Hate what is the problem with that in medicine? Paying everything America offers with Hate, what is your problem with Jesus Christ now? Of two forms of Hate, God does it better than Satan or Hell? Right?

  25. I do very much love this school. I’m in the 8th grade and right now I just really want to try my hardest to get in and if I don’t I won’t give up on my dreams on becoming a good doctor.

  26. I’m 12 and I already know the colleges I want to go I really want to become a surgeon and I can’t wait to start my career I didn’t really care about my grades up to 5th grade when I realized I got to step my game up and now I have all A and B but then again I’m only in 7th grade I still have plenty of time 😊

  27. That's whack. U don't need 2 be clever 2 b a dr. It's not like being a chess grand master, top mathematician or an astrophysicist.

  28. Lmao no way they would take you if you have ZERO research. Zero research is fine for mid-low tier schools.

  29. Eating a peanut butter and onion sandwich to calm the mind whilst watching this.

  30. I was feeling bad when I visited this hospital and was quite impressed with the level of care given to me during my stay. I recommend them to the local community and thank them for their personal touch.

  31. Do i have to do 4 years of science to get into medical school in the us (i think its called pre med I’m not sure)
    I really wanna go to harvard medical school but i don’t know if they require pre med??
    My gpa is 96% which is 4.8 out of 5 would it get me into harvard med school? (i’ve just finished grade 11 i haven’t started grade 12 yet)
    Ps: i’m from saudi arabia so i don’t really know how things work in the us😑 i could use some help !!

  32. A lot of people are saying this is pretentious? This is just an interview with Harvard medical school admissions. They aren't claiming you have to go to Harvard to be a great doctor, or that other medical schools won't land you a great career.

  33. I couldn't get into Harvard Med, so instead, I got into Pornography and started playing doctors on screen.

  34. If you’re sole focus is on Harvard medical school, you need to re-evaluate your reasons for becoming a doctor. It’s a no brainer people do it for the paycheck. Medical school is medical school. Some are harder to get into because more people apply there.

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  40. Im 13. Im a straight A student. I would love to become a pediatric neurosurgeon. Go to Harvard Medical School and work at Mayo Clinic. I am aware you need to be involved in clubs that demonstrate some kind of leadership. Im always involved in my clubs but never get picked as a president or vice precident etc because I am not very popular. Correction. Not popular at all. And that stops me from getting elected as a leader in my school. What should I do?

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