Harold Dauerman, MD, Cardiologist – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

– Hi, I’m Dr. Dauerman
and I’m a cardiologist. (upbeat instrumental music) My philosophy of care is to
be honest with the patient. If there’s something I think is the wrong treatment strategy, I will tell the patient fairly bluntly that I don’t recommend this and if there’s something I
think that could be lifesaving and a patient thinks they don’t want it, I will tell them I recommend it. The second piece of that is that I respect the autonomy of the
patients to make a decision, which may be beyond my ability to comprehend why they’re making it, but I will be honest with
them in my assessment, give them the expertise I have and then respect whatever
decisions they make and proceed accordingly. (upbeat instrumental music) One of the advantages of being part of an academic medical center is that we’re able to develop new technologies at a fast rate and incorporate them into
our clinical practice. There’s really no better example of that than a transcatheter
aortic valve implantation or TAVI program. Because we’re an academic medical center, we can draw on our expertise from cardiac surgery, anesthesia,
noninvasive cardiology and form a team to treat very high risk, older patients who have failure of one of their heart valves and the only reason we can do it is because we’re an
academic medical center, where we have the broad resources of a multidisciplinary team, as well as having the academic background to do clinical trial research. (upbeat instrumental music)

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