Harlem Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center

For the past 44 years Columbia University
has enjoyed a relationship with Harlem Hospital in the form of an official affiliation
with the Medical School and the hospital. By this we mean the senior physicians
at Harlem Hospital, the attending physicians, we are Columbia faculty. We are members of the University,
of the medical school faculty, and we practice at Harlem Hospital. We work as partners to care for the patients
of the Central Harlem community. We’re still identifying 25 to 35% of kids
in the Harlem community have asthma. Harlem Children’s Zone incorporated
a large community-based organization here in Central Harlem,
worked exclusively with the schools to help improve school grades, school attendance,
and better outcomes for the children of Harlem. So we kind of came together
when we were introduced by other folks who we knew in the realms of public health
who really sat us down and said you two are independently dealing
with the same issue, so why don’t you both deal with it together. We’ve been able to see
over the past 10 to 12 years there’s a gradual decrease in the number
of hospitalizations for asthma, a decrease in the number of emergency-room
visits for asthma, and it’s been a wonderful marriage over the past six years. There’s recognition that opportunities
like the collaboration between Columbia and Harlem and Columbia and Northern Manhattan
don’t come along every day. We together have an opportunity
to improve research, to take a look at the impact of doing research
on a diverse population, and that’s the key significance
of Columbia being involved. They have affiliations with many hospitals,
but only one public hospital, and that’s in Harlem.

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