Happy Patient from Mauritius | Dr. Pradeep Bansal | Patient Testimonial | Fortis Hospital

My name is swadin diman i am a mauritian national,
one week back my wife got a kidney problem and we tried to treat her in Mauritius but
the expenses were quite high eventually i met Mr. Asim who was in Mauritius for a medical
event after consulting him he forwarded reports to Dr.
Bansal in india subsequently Dr. Bansal contacted us and forwarded us the reports and invited
us to come to India for treatment in the same week i arrived in India for treatment and
once wee met Dr. Bansal, he explained us the procedures that need to be followed for the
operation and after the operation and after the operation we are very satisfied with the
treatment we recieved here in India i wish also to add that once we consulted a doctor
in mauritius he gave us a quotation for the operation and it was quite expensive and when
we consulted Dr. Bansal, he give us a quotation which was much lesser and it was a final
decision to come here to india to carry out the operation and we came here in india we
met Dr. Bansal on the same day and we didn’t got any problems he was a kind doctor and
explained to us everything in detail what is going to happen and the operation was conducted
in a fully professional manner and frankly speaking my wife conducted pre-operation in
mauritius to see us one for appendix and she suffered a lot and a lot, but after this operation
which was conducted by Dr. Bansal same was professionally done and i should thanks Dr. Bansal for everything for the good treatment we have received here in india and i encourage
other people who are suffering from kidney problem to come here in india for the treatment,
and to contact Dr. Bansal for any kidney problem. this patient landed in India just 10 days
back and within one day we investigated her thoroughly and very next day we posted for
the surgery and within 2-3 days of the operation we discharged her in a comfortable position
an now today is her 10th post-op day she is going back to the country tomorrow and this
is how we do the fastly everything too many such type of even complicated cases they are
not supposed to waste their time and money waiting for the surgery and waiting for the
investigation and waiting for their aliment to get over. my wife is fully treated and wee will leaving
in one week time, Thank you

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