Handing over ceremony of Completed Phase 1 – TB Center Rehabilitation Center Restoration Project

This is the official Obudu Association in North America Tuberculosis (TB) Center Restoration Project Phase I completion and Handing Over ceremony to the Obudu Community in Nigeria. Member of the Board of Trustees of the Association, Dr. Genevieve Aglazor (in Checkered Purple dress) coordinated the restoration project on behalf of the association. Special thanks to her and her team local volunteers that manage to pull this project off within 6 to 8 months. The Association is deeply indepted to her for her dedication and love of the residents of the TB center. Through out this ceremony, do well to follow her lead as she try to capture the mood of the community and the center residents about their feelings on this kind gesture. Obudu Association in North America Donated several items to the center residents incuding Hospital grade mattresses and pillows, mosquito nets, clothes, food items, bed sheets, shoes, personal items, and many more The items being moved are some of the stakes that will be used to secure the new mosquito nets to the beds I was working on this project. I was helping with clearing the bushes to allow access to the TB center. Suddenly an explosion occured and my stomach got busted. I was rushed to the nearby hospital, Sacred Heart, for treatment. Ever since I have been struggling with constant pains. I am happy for the help that I received from the association. I still leave everything in Gods hands. The items being moved are some of the stakes that will be used to secure the new mosquito nets to the beds New Bathrooms and Toilets Donated by the Association Administrators of the TB Center The TB Center need a lot of help. I am happy that the Obudu Association in North America decided to step in the restore this critical TB center for our community. Although we are trying to practice community style treatment, TB patients generally prefer to take treatment at this facility as they believe the have a better chance of recovering from their sickness. We also observe some patients being abandoned here. This Center does not have portable drinking water. No good bed for patients to sleep on. The local government is not funding this center. I was surprise that some organization have taken it upon themselve to help restore this center. I was surprise that some organization have taken it upon themselve to help restore this center. now we have new bathrooms and toilets. we still don’t have good drinking water. no electricity here. there is no food for the patients. no funding for this center. I plead with the association to continue to help this center. Thank you so much for all your kind gesture so far. We are very happy. God bless you all. we also need security for this place in form of fence. We also need a good Source of drinking water. We need help with food for the patients. We thank the association for taking the initiative to provide all these items for the center. It will go a long way to alleviate the problems we face here at this center. I am using this opporunity to let our local goernment know that the TB center still exist and we need help so that we can help these patients recover from their sickness. One of the completed rooms at the TB center. Room was repainted, floors remade, beds restored complete with mattress, pillows and mosquito nets. TB Center Stake holders arriving and inspecting the completed facility during phase I of the TB center restoration project. Association Board of Trustees member, Dr. Aglazor Introducing the different items donated by the association to TB center stake holders and community leaders TB Center stake holder highlighting the process the association had to take to select the center for its project. The says, there were many things the association could have done with their money, or many projects they could have undertaken, however, they decided to choose this the TB center. It is a great honor and a mark of love for the less privileged. They put a lot of thought into the whole process. God will bless our people and all those who contributed to make this project possible. May God continue to be with all of them. At the end. It is a real joy to see all the old items – some of these items has never been changed this center was established – being thrown out so that the new items can be collected for each center residents. This is the the climax of all the work that Dr. Aglazor has put into this project. We cannot thank her enough. Dr. Aglazor handing out the new items to the residents. You can feel the joy on these patients faces as they collected their items. Some of the TB center residents dancing and singing and thanking God for the grace that has been given to them.

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