100 thoughts on “Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia: The Synthetic Marijuana Steampunk Rock Opera

  1. All those designers of synth drugs should be killed.. they have killed tons of people. Drop the ban on normal drugs and save lives.

  2. another one from vice:
    Synthetic Marijuana is SHIT and this Motha Fucka Know it!!!

  3. this guy is responsible for untold misery … i mean seriously uk prisons and homeless r suffering so bad, he is delusional and evil 🙁

  4. Synthetic marijuana is dangerous and fucking shit… I couldnt ever be proud "on tv" about doing money with shit like that. Putting people in hospital, pshychosis and death with absolutely garbage product.

  5. I would truly grab him and his family.then proceed to rip apart the members he so loved and cherished.to give him a hint of what its done to peoples minds and livelihood.let give him what he gave us.

  6. Seriously guys, just make weed legal in all first world countries. Think of all the money you would get out of the hands of cartels and the safer more regulated use would make it so much easier.

  7. This dude is not a journalist.. He's just a kid that wants to get high. I mean, I watch these videos but this kid is the fucking worst.
    Edit : Crown Chakra?? Kundalini vibrations?? Hahaha! Stfu. Just say your fucking head is tingling.

  8. This is so fucking stupid this guy is trying to promote people to do spice when it kills so many people hmmm I think he’s all about the money 💰

  9. Here where I'm from, in Eastern Europe, they were sold in shops as something for cleaning shisha pipes. And that's why it was legal.

    People were literally acting like wild animals, once they had it.

    People lose control over their body and lose all understanding of what's going on around them.

    Fuck that shit.

    Smoke weed.

  10. I've had some shit called Diablo and it would give me a 10 minute trip that was close to an LSD trip as long as I only used it once a day or less. But if I smoked it more than once a day it would just make me sort of "weed" high with a touch of nausea.

  11. Thank Christ I stayed away from legal highs after trying salvia. How anyone can say that stuff is a good time, I have no Idea

  12. In the words of Bob Marley "Herb is a healing of the nation" 💚
    This stuff makes people sick
    and it contains man made chemicals that are very unnatural
    and very harmful to us, let's push out the synthetics and bring the world real hemp ! 🌱

  13. OK! Let's ALL smoke more dope, take more drugs, shoot more dope and snort more crap that's killing us ! Let's all buy more crap that we don't need, Let's have meaningless f&k buddies so we don't get involved and have to share our dope, Let's shoot the dope dealers and drug manufacturers . . . yeah . . . that's the ticket ! ! !

  14. Quite possibly the single kewlest documentary I have ever watched other than the government ruining the guys research 🧨🕳

  15. you smoke the real weed the government kills you, you smoke the fake weed, the fake weed kills you. the govt want u dead fam

  16. This guy is a piece of shit no better than crack dealers and doctors who peddle addictive prescriptions. All his safer alternatives BS is a veneer for selling drugs as harmful as the ones that killed his friends. These people making K2 are the same ones using the same labs making the fentanyl and it’s analogues killing Americans everyday. All drugs are addictive, including cannabis.

  17. As Geeky looking as Hamilton appears, That man is in truth, a Rock star more so than a Nerd. Love me some Pharmacopeia.

  18. in 2013 my friend smoked a entire blunt of spice called “Peak Extreme” He never was the same again. He thinks that people are watching him through hidden cameras in the walls and what not. He’s ended up in the psych ward 4 times this year alone. Fucking terrible. #Legalizecannabisworldwide

  19. Damn. I read up on that guy, and yeah he's a bit of a douche, but I actually think his intentions were good. Too bad he got fucked when he started talking about a safer alternative to alcohol.

  20. league of fashions  can only demand but can not reinforce  they don't have an army  they never had    but wait   than who mandated  and for what    or was all buck passing to last resort  where all actually starts        its all about divide and conquer since opium wars    its all about cognitive hijacking   to block  sovereignity of nations to robb them to loath their matural resources      and for that reason any reason will be used and Manchurian candidate will be directed    and development will be arrested    I mean social development  I mean justice equality opportunity      that way social discount rate will be diminished and next generations will be conditioned as slaves of monetary system    all these shit is to create a herd psychology and frozen brains fixated for a euphoric break from stolen liberties

  21. I smoked spice once and it was the worst shit, I had to lay down on the carpet because of this overwhelming anxiety and then I think I just listened to Mercury Rev’s Deserter Songs until the high ended like 30 minutes later

  22. I hope the government is watching this nutjob manufacture the poisons that our children are putting into their bodies. This lunatic DOES NOT CARE who he hurts…he just wants to skirt the law and produce some strange substances that will continue feeding his wallet & his ego. Legalize marijuana that will not cause the brain damage and psychosis that this guys Chinese cohorts are producing covertly. A simple plant that can provide so much…relaxation…anxiety relief…pain management…opiate replacement…all in a simple, safe organic package. OR you can keep filling this weirdo's bank account ( and thousands just like him ) to provide you weird chemicals with unpronounceable titles produced in countries with zero safety standards. Wake up world…

  23. This is what happens when you prohibit marijuana, and anything else for that matter… So STUPID!!
    I grew up in the 70's and saw pot everywhere. We lived in Oregon and Texas through those years and marijuana was all over in both. The liens against you were just ridiculously stiffer and the weed was dirtier in Texas. In Oregon, under an ounce and you could be fined.
    Prohibition has never worked. When you do that you make the product very sexy. You have people who just have to try it because it is taboo…people who would never touch it, must do it now. I once smoked a Cuban cigar with my husband, because it was illegal. Even though it was quite easy to get. I have never smoked a cigarette in my entire life. The only tobacco I have ever inhaled was that Cuban cigar. It was worth the $100 we had to pay for it. I can live w/o it thanks. Not sure I could live happily or move very well w/o marijuana.

  24. It was a fucked up when someone can control your government, I feel sorry for him. New Zealand government should thanks to him for his works, trying to save life in the same time make you feel better..

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