HAMILTON-C3: Neonatal ventilation at the University Medical Center Lubbock (TX)

With 412 beds the University Medical Center in Lubbock Texas is the primary hospital of the UMC health care system and serves as the primary teaching hospital for the Texas Tech University Health sciences center. The Neonatal intensive care unit is a level 3 unit with 40 beds. It consists of three progressive nurseries with cutting-edge intensive care technology designed specifically for infants. In 2013 the NICU replaced its entire ventilator fleet with 20 new HAMILTON-C3 ventilators. After the implementation of the HAMILTON-C3 ventilators, some of the benefits that we experienced was that the support that we received from Hamilton was outstanding. They came in and they did the initial training for all the staff They spend at least a couple of weeks with us making sure that physicians were completely comfortable with the machines, the therapist were completely competent and comfortable and they have still given us even their direct lines. So I can’t say enough about that. The physicians in the NICU, the nurses in the NICU and of course the respiratory therapist, they all have been very pleased with the HAMILTON-C3 because it is so easy to use. It is extremely user-friendly and it also can be customized to your needs. So it can be customized to go along with your ventilator flow sheets. You can customize the actual view. It helps calculate your tidal volume. So when you are working with small tidal volumes it kind of keeps you in check all the time. That was very surprising for me. They give us all of the modes that we need, the price met our budget needs, they also had the disposable flow sensors which the physician was very impressed with because there was no concern about cross-contamination We also liked the ease of use, the battery life of the ventilator and also the ability to transport with them to and from procedures. Because it is a completely transportable ventilator our fragile patients that go to an operating suite can take the same ventilator that they are currently on and we do see the anesthesiologists are getting more comfortable and familiar with that also so our patients are maintained on that same ventilator the whole time during that process. For anyone that is looking for purchasing neonatal ventilators or any ventilators for their hospital system I would highly recommend the HAMILTON-C3 ventilators. The ease of use on the vents is just amazing, the cost of ownership is great and we have been very happy with the support that we have received from Hamilton as far as the sales rep all the way down to the technical support team that comes out and does all the training.

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  1. The NICU of the University Medical Center in Lubbock (TX) replaced its entire neonatal ventilator fleet with 20 new HAMILTON-C3 ventilators. Watch the video to find out what experiences they have made.

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