Hair Transplantation in Turkey | Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic

hello friends who know me and husband and our TV show cartel as a performer my appearance is very important I had my first operation editor step and clinic on the phone which was very successful because he knew for America and this is the photo after operation so a room and it looks really good another bag for my second session chakram to accomplish the mission and on this part will go in deeper in the next 18 months and again I will see great reasons you can see and you can follow I’m glad to help implement above this clinic and I’m not working here this place is pretty good all the process and the people who works here our DP good luck

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  1. Ozil Hair and Beauty Center in Turkey is one of the best hospitals for hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery in Turkey and the world. There are five other branches (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Iraq and Turkey).

    Each one wants to work cultivating hair and keeping hair healthy by dealing with the center is very beautiful and their services are wonderful and the prices are beautiful and comfortable

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