Hair transplant in turkey, watch my experience first! 3800 grafts Dr Cinik clinic Istanbul.

well good evening from Turkey this is my
first ever video for my new YouTube channel which I’ve called life begins at
30 pretty much come to terms when I explain all the videos they’re gonna go
through the first one is my hair transplant
I haven’t told everybody so this is the video where everyone’s gonna realize I’m
finally get going through with it I’ve I started losing my hair round
about 25 and I shaved it all off so it’s nothing if he goes wrong I’m not gonna
be that depressed about it I’ve been shaved my hair off for the
past four years and I was speaking to a few the Lad in work and they were all
going for a hair transplant so I was like fuck it I’m gonna do it so yeah so I’m
now in Turkey I was apparently this is the best place in the world to get a
hair transplant and I’m going through with it I came in two days ago longer than
Istanbul and now I’m here a day before the operation in well their package that
I looked up so the one that I actually went for which is probably what people
would watch this video for is dr. cinik and after doing a bit of research and
watching a few videos in lineup I felt like he was probably there the one that
I could trust the most but you just never know because it might go wrong or
I end up with AIDS or some fucking crazy shit goes on and then you know I’ve just
wasted some money but we’ll see I mean you’ve got to take some risks and as you
can see I’m a little bit nervous coming into it I don’t know what to expect but
I’ll go through the process so far and then I’ll keep adding videos and show
them what it’s like and I’m not doing this for dr. cinik I’m not doing it I’m
just doing it for other people to see if it goes wrong at least
at least the other people can see it went wrong if it goes right then people
can trust this doctor or see what’s happened with my hair so firstly I’ll
screw my hair out for four weeks so you can actually see how much hair actually
got it’s definitely balding the front and I’ve got at least you know hair
there that’s been going for the past four years I’ve got a tiny little bit of
like the McDonald’s sign going on here big all them
this is stilling at the top so they’re gonna saw that and it’s install right
back in sides I suppose so that’s gonna be my donor area
hopefully this as far as I know so far and other than that so I sent them
pictures send them pictures the back of the head the top of my head the rear my
friend Lauren helped me do that and she was shocked when I asked Titus not
taking pictures of my head well yeah sent those in and I actually sent them
in having no hair talks I used to shave my hair every Friday to a zero and I’ll
let it grow for a week and then sent them and they were fine with that
they got back to me there’s a number that I went through a last call Sarah
has been dealing with it all and then we started talking about the price I mean
the price is what everyone likes say no bulk so the price I paid 1,750 pounds I
think it was in the end that was after taking a bit of money off I think it
starts with by two thousand and ninety euros and then with brexit happening and
it go and fucking haywire up and down you never know what price is gonna be in
pounds because they do all the Neuros but we agreed a price on that so that’s
the price it is and not included transfers I included the hotel I’m
currently sit and at now includes the operation and the post operation all
that good stuff which I’m sure I can go on tomorrow and yes so I arrived at the
airport there’s a nine half a nine hour flight I did I tried to get the cheapest
flight which is like two 50 quid I don’t know why I was so
expensive normally sweat you to Istanbul I mean it is October now so it’s it’s
just the end of the high season I suppose so I got a three are putting up
our flight to Athens then that’s London’s like three in the night and I
was too scared excited all the money on me to fall asleep in the airport’s I
didn’t sleep the whole night got on the plane at like 7:00 in the morning from
Athens to Istanbul and then arrived I wanted to spend a few more days a few
days before the operation in Istanbul because I’ve been here before and it’s
pretty nice place it’s good for shopping you can get loads of cheap Lacoste
trackies and something that I buy I bought a lot of jumpers and shoes I need
some need some new shoes so I did a bit of wandering went to the markets and so
the hostel for the first couple nights was there in pound a night and you can
feed yourself out here for like less than five pound a meal and I haven’t
drank or haven’t smoked smoked as well so I’ve literally not drunk that much
over the past four weeks I haven’t drank at all since Thursday night in it’s now
Monday night they’ve said don’t drink or smoke within three days of the operation
so I haven’t been that something fresh as a daisy I’m gonna go to the gym
tonight I’m gonna have a sway I’m gonna go to the sauna cuz that’s all there in
the hotel and then I’m gonna wake up in the morning ready for the operation so
yes I flew over here and I arrived and it was amazing like I got straight into
the airport and it’s straight away I coming to the psych zone 3 Olga and they
have their own drivers for doctor cynic so I went over there I seen another bald
guy there and I was about to go to him like cynic as well but I can imagine him
not being for doctor cynic in me just offend him because he was another bald
guy next to me so I just left it there and the guy in the new straightaway
so he was just like yeah mr. Campbell this way so I followed him nice taxi
they drove me to the hostel they let drop me off at the hostel and then this
morning they picked me up at the hospital and brought me to this hotel
staying especially a five-star hotel I looked at the reviews the reviews are
the best for that hotel but I mean the room is just a standard room with a with
a double bed it it doesn’t bother me where I stay and I looked at the reviews
and the reviews were all about all the stuff can’t speak English like you in
Turkey so can you speak Turkish so if not go fuck yourselves
it doesn’t bother me it’s been much so far I get free breakfast Azhar in the
morning and I get to use a gym and some sauna and swim pool so I’m going to try
that out in a second so yeah as we progress throughout this video I’m gonna
have asked dr. sanic if I can bring in my phone to record everything that’s
going on and hopefully you can explain a bit more just Chris I don’t really know
what I need to bring so the more the video I can get there easiest for people
we’re gonna do this operation yeah so we’ll see what I’ll see you in the
morning I suppose okay good morning this is the day of the operation and I and
alright sleep I suppose not bad just a point to note if you are planning to do
the doctors cynic version of this or the operation with dr. Simeone and you do
the hotel here if you do want to use the gym all this from facilities bring a
swimming cap because they charge ridiculous amounts of money for a
swimming cap just to go swimming and the gyms not that bad and I’m now gonna go
get my complimentary best breakfast and this morning I just wait to quickly show
you what they’ve told me to bring or what I thought I should bring it’s not
that much but you can see here so I’ve got my bank card in case of any stupid
expenses randomly come they’ve told me that all I need to bring is my money but
I’m gonna bring my bank cards anyway my money for the operation my passport a
button shirt make sure you bring a shirt that has buttons or a zipper
I had to run around yesterday I had to take a run up into the town to go and
get a shirt which only cost me 40 lira but it’s easier to put on after the
operation instead of putting it over your head
some comfy shorts in case the operation gets wild and I need to gain some
convict them some companies Atherton charger I don’t know what it’s gonna be
like it and I how long I’m gonna be there for they’ve told me it’s around
about seven hours for the whole operation so I’ve got a third charger
and obviously my bag that’s it so I’ve been talking to the
guys about sorry my brain is more effort in case of so far so good I’m just waiting for the
presentation No it so if all so good I’ve been looked after
it just so people feel a little bit dizzy laughing I’m scared I would say
it’s definitely much painful thinking about that you over now I felt what
simple thing you can say what ladies I mean bring those through the tunnels so that’s me on my journey home now and
it’s been a pretty rough day of have to say it really as soon as I got into the
clinic I was I had an hour to meet dr. cynic he looked it over he said it was
looking good it was looking like it’s gonna heal well so did the other doctor
it talks about more about what where and then we went through all the tablets
again and all their post operation procedures that I could do it was a path
that you could buy for like 308 gyros but I decided not to the first day I
didn’t adding up the money on me the secondly I’m just going to look for it
in my own country but that’s the option that they can give you with like it’s
all about different hair products that you can use to movie stick and their
growth I’m not gonna lie I’ve still got a little bit of a headache two days to
stop the swelling so don’t know if you see him this morning but my head of up
here was thrown the swelling drops down to your eyes and this head bump stops as
well that’s two days which is headband on tomorrow I can wash my hair and then
from the next day the actual shampoo on the shampoo that
they give us free and it’s just like a seven-day washing and treatment for the
tops now for seven days all the scrubs should start falling off but yeah it’s
pretty amazing I’m quite a social person I like to chat away and meet loads of
people when I’m going on my trips I’ve got a lot of solo traveling and I do a
lot of solar backpacking and never alone ever
and I decided this time we’re going away to Istanbul I was gonna just have a bit
of meself before I have this transplant and I haven’t spoke to anyone but as
soon as I got into the air for like I mean I met a guy and being a taxi who
I’d have believed the beard and put it back into his beard or his transplant
I’ve met about four other guys in the Istanbul Airport transplants but asked
me where I’d mind on how long did Monta that’s pretty fresh and so many people
want to speak to it’s like it’s like pick up and food for Lots except I don’t
think any a woman with one anything close to me well I’ve got fucking 4,000
holes in my head however you are coming from LA and he’s just flying two hundred fifteen thousand pounds so it’s a lot
cheaper in Turkey and I really feel like definitely the best place to do peace
also of one more request just for and just to start my new YouTube channel you
like this video share amongst anyone who you think would be worth watching or
even if you just want to share it for me anyway
and subscribe to the channel and let’s get

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  1. Looks like you’ve got a good hairline 👍🏼 thanks for sharing your experience. How many grafts did you have done? I’ve been looking at dr cinik and the cheapest package is approx £2000, I’m looking at the exclusive however which is £2590 how come you got it so cheap? Hope it goes well for you 👍🏼

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