Hair Transplant in Turkey I Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic

They got me from the hotel with a driver Then took me to the hospital The staff was waiting for me. Dr. Serkan Aygın, specialists and nurses They really greeted me well and took good care of me from the beginning to the end They supported me well. They always comforted me. I loved the hospital too. Clean, modern and elegant. They are using advanced and hygienic tools. I haven’t seen anything like this even in Canada. They treated me well. I couldn’t believe the professionalism and operation… …Including the Doctor… … all nurses and staff. Because this is a team work… …and they are experts in this job. To be honest I was a little bit afraid I had doubts at the beggining Dr.Serkan has relieved me and convinced me. He has a new method DHI When transplanting to thinning areas for densification… …the existing hairs are saved with this method. Both my hair will be protected… …and the result will be good

5 thoughts on “Hair Transplant in Turkey I Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic

  1. It would be best if you are opens clinic saudi arabi in Riyadh or Dammam. Because tomuch people required here for hair transplantation. Others countries people are here working who are blandness including with me.

  2. Bonjour es que si possible de m'envoyer le numéro de téléphone du conseiller traducteur en français. Merci

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