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Okay, Dr.. Human Hair natural transplants I’m here with my patient of the day Tanya and we’re very excited and she’s here with her husband Damian and Damian is going to be watching the procedure today. I’m very excited because he’s a salon owner He’s very curious about how the process works and course the results. So we’re going to show everything today It’s very rare that we [have] a female being willing to talk about her experience, and how it has a hair loss I’m very Excited and I know this will be a really good resource for a lot [of] women out there that are looking into maybe doing something To really help them out so I want to tell you Tommy’s story Basically [Tanya] has not a very it’s not a common genetic pattern loss what she has is traction alopecia What traction alopecia means is that basically? Tension is put on the hair [for] long periods of time either in [the] form of braids or the way the hair is brought back sometimes with cornrows or other types of styles that put a lot of pressure and over time sometimes the follicle just never comes back and these over time just get thinner thinner thinner and Then they’re here. I wanted to get it done so you Can see that her [hair] other than the area were [working] in her hair is very very thick and she has very very good density But you can see where her hairline used to be and you can even come here a little close to Josh and still But you can see that our hairline used to be way up here, and you can see how Spacey all of this is so this is a very very nice example of traction alopecia [and] it comes on both sides you can see that our temples used to be a little bit stronger [and] [all] she has left is [Alena] just some small amount of remaining hair, so I’m very very excited. When did you start noticing? This happening for you. Oh my [rob] [I] [liked] [2006-2007] it’s actually me being pregnant Not wanting to do my hair [and] I was getting the braids and the break you know pulling them up take them down Pull up if for nine months just when I’m in after a while I just starting thinner and thinner okay, and then you know I noticed that it wasn’t going yeah How does [it] affect you [in] it affect your everyday life? It actually does because you have to constantly try to cover it and some kind of way you you’re trying to find hairstyles that you have to pull your hair over to the side or wear down and it limits you from being able to [put] your Back in a ponytail and things like that bacon stuff that you you know used to do when it’s like It’s real self-conscious, okay, awesome, and how did you find us? I believe by natural Transplants where else if you look I asked whether I actually I went to a dermatologist And for a couple [of] years I’ve been like researching and I went online and with google and different names and of course you are one of the ones that popped up and then you have Youtube So I’m going to looking at your youtube videos and then id and other people that have this they don’t Show the results they don’t show you [know] like you You know tell what’s going on show what happening later, and they don’t and if the advertises, so you just to treat me So when I call it the top the job you got me all tied up and excited about itself awesome oil Hyped up as well excited for you as well. So we’ll be stopping now throughout the day showing pictures will show the hairline and Looking forward to seeing some great results started okay. Thank you You want to talk a little bit about what you see [in] the salon Well yeah, just innocent artists like I said the traction alopecia What happens is a lot [of] a lot of the young women that comes in there? They’re always sitting around this area where the goal is to like lace fronts Or glue or when it comes to the so ways and different stuff like that They’re [having] so much abrasion or so much damage [to] they’ll to the same area as my wife like you said the traction alopecia To [wear] now. They’re just trying to cover it up I’m here today just to see how the process work so I can refer [a] lot of my clients a lot of my Stylist clients to to this process as well, so if it goes good, we’ll see Okay, I’m here with [Tonya] and we are about a third of the way through the procedure at this point in the procedure the anesthesia has been done the strips been removed in the back so our texts now are working on our sewing it back up and Tonya how’s your day been going so far tell us about the anesthesia part. How was that yeah? Well, I didn’t feel it yeah, I Have a high pain tolerance though [I] have tattoos so I don’t know [they] hurt me and she’s married to apparently so [high] pain tolerance is on off the charts But knowledge is kid So uh Nobody’s been here the whole time [Dina’s] been watching and he’s been real asking a lot of good questions So it’s always nice to have family members in asking questions And you know but okay so basically those trips out you’re so not I’m gonna show you what we did around here in the front So well not in front in the back rather, so I want you see How big that’s teacher is or how believe that scar is going to be in the back so you can see how? Perfectly approximated it is all the way around into that good hair and No That’s going to be really easy for her to hide because she has all this hair up on top It’s just gonna fall right down over it. So women always worry about what they’re gonna Look like afterwards what we have to look for is basically you’re going to have scabs in this area here [but] she has fortunately has some hair So you’re going to bring forward and hopefully with a stylist they can work out a way to cover things up so all right? We’ll be checking in on you a little bit later and can’t wait to see how it looks all right me, too Okay, dr.. [Huebner] here. I’m here with our patient [Tanya], and [she] we have just completed her surgery I’m very excited. We were able to move a lot of hair for her We actually got her a third additional strip and [just] jam-packed temples in the top in the areas of traction alopecia which she had Tanya, how was your experience today? It was good I? Didn’t think it was going to go as smooth as it did but I have no complaints [oh] cool, and it’s cool Because I can see where your hairline is going to be and how it’s gonna look It’s kind of hard to see that because you’re not used to seeing But trust me that it’s going to be a great result for you You’re gonna be a finally wear your hair back in a ponytail and have to worry about all these areas so oh yeah Anything you would say a women that are thinking [about] doing this or or Potentially I would say don’t be embarrassed about the way you look at [coz] I look like eating right now But I know that that when the year comes, and my hair is back I’m going to be really satisfied, and I won’t ever have to deal with it again So just [don’t] be [afraid] to make that step [to] take care of your [appearance] And you know don’t be afraid to just get it done Awesome, and no more braids for you. No more price, right? Well, thanks once again for letting us show people [take] [a] [look] I’m in on what the process can be like and really look forward To seeing your results, and you can call us anytime natural Transplants calm, [thanks]

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