Hair transplant Before After I Dr.Serkan Aygın Clinic

I came to Istanbul to make the hair transplant. To go to Taksim, it is very good food and go to the Bazaar and the old area the new area everything together People are good here and they are nice. Because a lot of my friend come to do the operation and they told me that they trust them, very well, very good, professional. I saw the results. I thought that is enough. It is very clean, look very professional. They give me good service and they are nice and I feel safe. I was 24 and my hair is.. I get lose my hair. I put a lot of things on
my hair,it was look naturally good but after when I was 26 it didn’t looks good so I cut
everything and I shaved my hair. Because I saw my friends and saw that it has worked on them. I did it too. It looked natural, and it looked like
have hair. When they made the operation I saw the results. I wanted to do it too. I felt better with myself when I did a operation, after the hair grow I felt better with myself because before the operation when people took pictures with me I didn’t like myself without hair and now what I see.. how I look… How it looks in the picture.. So I like myself and also people told me that I look 10 years old younger. From 3rd operation I expect more, maybe it looks a little bit more beautiful Just come and check if you can do. And if you can do, if you care about yourself and if you want to look better and you want natural hair so it is the best place to come to do. Just contact with the clinic and they tell you all the details that you need. And come and do that, see after few months. It changes your life, you don’t need to cover the hair or go with the hat and put stuff on the hair it is going to
be natural. When it has grown, you can cut it , like you did before.

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