Hair Transplant Before After Dr.Serkan Aygin Clinic

-When did you realize you were suffering from hair loss?
At the age of 25 I noticed a big hair loss -How did you feel?
People always supposed I was older than my age. I felt very sad when I look at the mirror. -When did you decide to have hair transplantation?
After 33 years old. I wanted to do a hair transplant. -When you heard for the first time about hair transplantation what did you think?
I’m generally an optimist, I made researches on internet and I got a good impression about hair transplantation. -How did you meet Doctor Serkan?
Serkan Aygin’s Clinic always inspired me . and it gave me trust, through this trust I’ve got my courage and I booked the operation -What do you think about the services provided by the clinic?
Great, I can give 5 stars, starting from the transfer to Clinic’s employees, members of the equipe, very professional. I’m speechless, everybody welcomed me in the best way. Are you happy with our organization?
I’m very satisfied and I can say that I will come back to Serkan Aygin Clinic because i had a very positive experience. -What are you doing right now?
I am making another PRP for a better result. -Do you like Istanbul?
Yes it is an incredible city, I suggest everyone to visit it -Did your life change after the operation ?
Yes, it changed, I like to look at myself in the mirror and I can’t wait to see my new look at the end. I had my hair transplantation in December 2016, 5 months ago and even I have reached only 50% of the final result and I need to wait a year for the final result but until now I am very happy. I still have to wait, but I’m not worried about it.

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