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My name is frey. I’m from Orlando. I’m 32 years old okay, when did you start losing your hair? around When I was in my place, okay 22, okay, and you say you’re 32 now. Yeah, okay? Where’s the hair loss in your family? uh I I think is from my mom’s side, okay, my what my dad sighs, it’s pretty hairy, okay, and How does hair loss affect you how does it affect you personally here? Well? It’s it makes me feel kind of old right now I? Want to look a little younger or my age um and sometimes? It’s kind [of] hard to you know do my hair and normal Okay, okay, and what are you hoping to accomplish today? Well? I’m hoping to know probably my hairline back and more density in the front of course okay excellent [I’m] gonna pan out just a little bit to kind of show you we’re gonna send put some pictures on there [to] [that] you can see he’s lost He has some recessions on both sides He still has its central tuft in the middle and has [herron] centrally and he’s losing a little bit of hair in his crown region too Although he still has quite a lot of hair there to save and we’re going to be talking about Preventative products with him in just a bit so anyway looking forward and thank you for letting people see your day and how your experience Is I’m sure that someone or many people will relate to you as far as your pattern of loss and who you are So, thanks again Dr.. [Humor] here, Natural Transplants, I’m here with the vip patient of the day fray and We’re about a third of the way through the procedure at this point Phrase had the anesthesia [all] the way around the head the strip has been removed, and it’s been sutured up in the back And I wanted to ask you frey. How is that even [going] tell people about your experience? very easy um Minimal pain just [damaged] [tissue], but after that everything it’s moving Yeah, we’re watching some top gear talking about cars. I mean, it’s very enjoyable day. I know you know all the videos I keep saying that but it truly is not not a bad deal at all he had a Vision of he watched it with John Wayne movie and they were talking about Scalping you know the American Indians were doing all this scalping of people that’s he got this idea in his head there was going to Be some barbaric procedure, and it was going to be blood [everywhere], and it’s just it really is not that that way So I’m very excited [I’m] going to turn you around here for a and to show people What it looks like so now pray allowed us to sheamus heads just do you know so you [have] a lot of hair still on? In the central portion here and in the crown, but you can see from the back that You know it’s not an issue He’s going to be able to wear a hat Keep his sideburns and no one’s going to know the difference until it grows back once it starts growing back He’s in about ten days He’d be able to suit you know shave everything down to make it all match a little bit better So he doesn’t look like this, but as you can see from the back Here is the suture line [C’mon] this way here So again just a thin line you see how it’s perfectly approximated all the way up That’s going to be the width of the suture line just to look it took a pen and drew a line That’s that’s the width of the suture line so net is very little tension on this suture line all the way around [gel] fray has a Larger head which yield is this a lot more hair for him, so we got 37 centimeters strip. That’s crazy That’s got to be one of the records for me so as far as how much hair we harvested So really excited you can see how the his natural hair just comes right over that This suture line is never going to be an issue for fray He’s never going to have an issue where he has to have his hair a certain length for the suture line So he’s probably going to wear his hair longer because he’s gonna have the hair so You know that’s really exciting to think about so in any case you can see where we’ve driven his hairline Again as I said in all the videos this little line here is from the anesthesia That’s a little bruise that will go away in about three to four days This is going to be his new hairline. There’s going to be one and two hair grafts staggered up and down on this line So we never do a straight hairline. We always go up and down stagger [down] the line It’s drawn straight just for my eye because that’s the only way I can draw it we’re going to really focus on this frontal third But then we’re going to have enough hair We’re probably going to get back into this crown, and that’s why I shaved off this little area here So hopefully we can get back into here His donor strip looks amazing and very very excited. [I] can’t wait to see his results thanks again frey and we’ll be checking back on you, [when] we’re completing the surgery and Dr.. Huber here, I’m here with our patient of the day, and I’m very grateful days [allows] to track his progress throughout the day, so now we’re finally not it’s been about five hours in total from beginning to end and Right now. How are you feeling good? Yeah, any pain right now No, no, that’s just [depression], but it’s okay yep, so the anesthesia will wear off in the next hour, too And he has some pain medicine available to him he can also take ibuprofen aleve advil. Just nothing with aspirin [I] want you to kind of zoom in here you can see What we did so you can see how Jam-packed this frontal area is you can see where it’s new Hairline is going to be nice and jagged and staggered everywhere? Little tiny graphs in the front these bigger graphs behind here are going to have anywhere from [four] to seven hairs depending on Where they are so that’s going to be a nice Transition into those larger [grafts] this is going to yield him about [thirty] to [forty] percent of the density that he has in his donor Over this huge area here he had some hair here in the crown, and he was nice enough to let [us] shave But this is just going to add to what we already have no more recession He’s going to look much younger and look as look at stated age So very excited about that his incision in the back came together seamlessly He’s not going to have any issues at all with [that] So I’m very excited to see [that] in and thank you so much anything you would say to people that are you know on the fence about a hair transplant or but they’re scared about the scalping and all this yeah, it’s easy, it’s fast procedure I’ll say because of all the stuff that involves, but it’s quick and It’s painless you [know] just a little bit things here and there But it’s it’s not hot how many people look at it. It’s this really easy now I appreciate all you [guys] being Super nice, and make me very comfortable when you okay. You’re a great patient And I wish we trade up we have all page all our patients are just a great patients and on very nice people as well so Looking forward you’re going to we’re going to follow up with this guy obviously and yeah in six months You’re going to really see a dramatic change Nothing’s going to grow for three to four months looking forward to your results. Thank you so much. Thank you you

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