Haartransplantation mit FREMDHAAR! Ab wann sind Ergebnisse nach der Behandlung zu sehen?

Hi i am Romina from Elithairtransplant I am the Sales Manager This Video is about Why it is in Istanbul so cheap, to do the hair transplant And is it possible to use When are the results after the hair transplant visible The hair growth begins normaly from the 3. moth after the operation Every month u see about 10% more of your end-result You can have after 4 to 6 motnhs a good result But only after 12 months you can see the end result But its from person to person different For some it goes fast, and for the other it goes slow But the endresult for both are after the 12 month visible What does a hair transplant cost? And why is it so cheap? Istanbul is like the origin, or better turkey in general of the modern hair transplant here are the specialist here is the origin How are the living cost´s for a person in turkey? How are they in germany or other countries? In turkey they are very low, in comparision to an eurpoean country the cost for the clinic, the living costs food and more is in general much less expensive in istanbul in turkey for example in germany, there there are also hair transplant´ The mainly clinics are not focussed in hair transplant there are also other operation´s In Istanbul at Elithairtransplant, we are only focussed on hair transplant and hair loss on your result to none other beauty operation if you say, you want to do a hair transplant and you value the quality then You need to look at the team has the team experience, is there a doctor which we do, Doktor Balwi does the hair transplant for over 10 years now His team is very experienced every member does at least have 3 years of experience and is because of that very routinated The hair transplant takes action every day The whole team, made over than 20.000 Happy Thats why you need to look at everything for example in germany many doctors do only 1 surgery a month In turkey a hair transplant gets done every day the experience is much much bigger the patients values that the experience, the expertise from doctor balwi and the team Without the team we could not bring these good results We could not give the warranty, we have live long warranty on the hair transplant because we know and trust our team, that they do the best possible result They work precise because we have very good results Is it possible to a hair transplant with other persons hair? This is a question we get often But it is easy to answer We can do that but its not possible to transplant much hair the maximum is about 500-600 Grafts With only these its is mostly not enough to get a good result Thats why we do that not often, we use more commen the hair transplant with your own hair Because the own hair gets used which is the strongest we only take the strongest hair to transplant it and it remains live long, thats the main point it does not fall out, it doesn´t get les it doesnt change, it can only become stronger and more healthier but with the usage of other persons hair You can´t get the same good result as with your own hair it is possible but not to recommend Can everyone do the hair transplant? or are there restriction? Yes there ar restriction for example if you have a weak donor area The donor area is on your backhead that means if this area is to weak for the receiver area Then we cant recommend a hair transplan Because you could not get a satisfactory result Because of that we have many alternative ways for it like micro pigmentation to fill the whole head, with a special colour that is not an tatoo but it has the effect of full hair thats one option also we dont recommend the hair transplant for people where the hair is to dense like when there is too much hair then we cant do a hair transplant Because when we open new channels in your head your consisting hair gets damage the risk is too big you dont get a good result Doctor Balwi´s interest is to get onyl good results he has no advantages of an bad result thats why he advises often against that There it is the possibilty of an prp treatment we also offer that in germany that strengthens your hair and new hair can grow out, when you do that regulary You can also do the micro pigmentation what gets more visual density the aftercare how can i support the hair transplant? to get a good care for the hair We have our specialiy designed shampoo and spray for people with hair loss with high class ingredients like biotin which is very good for your hair You can get it at the clinic or in our online shop if someone needs that he can get his And what we can recommend also is Biotin tablets like the ones from “perfectil + hair” we recommend to consume that regulary its nothing chemical its very naturel and this is also very good for the hair Also You can use minoxidil sometimes it gets also recommended from doctor balwi specially for the tonsure because the blood circulation is less strong than in the front area and with minoxidil you can strenghten it is there pain after the hair transplant surgery? or during it? No, we do a local anesthesie that means the head gets stunned but your still awake but the anesthesie doesnt get injected with needles it gets with a special air pressure methode Comfort In thats an pressure machine the anesthesia gets injected with air pressure there are no needles and the head gets stunned it is much faster than any other with that methode you don´t have any pain so you dont have to worry that you get during or after the hair transplant you fell anything, it can come to little swelling or a little headache but you get all the medicamentes you need from us Antibiotika, pills against pain, and cortison for the swelling

3 thoughts on “Haartransplantation mit FREMDHAAR! Ab wann sind Ergebnisse nach der Behandlung zu sehen?

  1. Ab minute 7:20 gelogen! Frau romina pavia wie können sie sagen das keine nadeln und schmerzen vorhanden sind???????!!! Keine schmerzen!? Also sorry das ist ne komplette lüge!!!! Nach der comfort in kommen spritzen! Und die tun weh! Eine richtigstellung ihrerseits wäre jetzt aber rasch gefragt!das gehöhrt zur PATIENTENAUFKLÄRUNG!!!

  2. Ich weiss ja nicht wie gut sie geschult worden sind….aber das was sie da von sich äussern zu der betäubung entspricht absolut nicht der wahrheit! Im interesse ihrer klinik und vorallem der Patienten sollten und müssen sie das richtigstellen!

  3. Lieber Herr Dalmatinac, vielen Dank erstmal für Ihr Feedback zu meinem Video 🙂 Da ich über ca. 4 Jahre nun bei Elithairtransplant arbeite, bin ich durchaus gut geschult worden, keine Sorge. Ich habe keine Falschaussagen in diesem Video getroffen. Es werden für die Betäubung KEINE Spritzen verwendet. Sobald die Spritzen erfolgen, ist der Kopf längst betäubt und in der Regel spürt der Patient nichts mehr. Wenn Sie nun eher zu Empfindlichkeiten neigen, ist das eine persönliche Sache auf die ich keinen Einfluss habe, tut mir Leid. Es sind vor allem Erfahrungswerte die für eine schmerzfreie Betäubung sprechen. Liebe Grüße! Romina

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