Haarausfall mit 19 und was Ich dagegen GETAN habe!

Hey Guys Maybe You dont believe me, but i had in this area No HAIR Like you can see on this picture I was in Istanbul 10 months ago For a hair transplant Where i got 4500 Grafts at Bio Hair Clinic got transplanted When I did the hair transplant i was just 21 Many did encourage me, They said I should wait 5 or 10 Years, till the hair loss is completly finished I had 2 reasons why i did not listin to them The first reason In my front area i had only a couple hair left for the front area and the back area i needed 2 sessions anyway When the hair loss started, i was just 19 With 21 I looked like this In the mean time there were only pictures of me like this Maybe some of you knows the experience You dont like to take pictures or You just dont take one Where there is hair left, it just gets transplanted over That means, when my hair loss gets worse I still got the transplanted hair and still have an good result The second reason is I am 21 years old, i want to enjoy live with hair But when I wait 5 or 10 years I would regret that decision I took the choice And i don´t regret it one bit I have hair again I dont need to shave me bold or need to wear a cap I get often the question, what i did pay I payed 1800 Euro, it was worth every Coin If you would ask someone 3 or 4 years ago if you have pain during a hair transplant He would clearly say Yes I had no pain approximately about 1 year, many doctor´s use the Comfort In Methode, the pain less methode It works with air pressure and with this technique unfortunately you don´t feel pain Unfortunately 😉 Is a hair transplant worth it? That´s a question, which you schould answer yourself If your dissatisfied with your current hair situation and how long you want to be dissatisfied with it It is up to YOU! I choosed the hair transplant And I dont regret it one bit Thank you, Doctor Ibrahim

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