Guide To Getting The Perfect Lips

Want the perfect pout? We achieve luscious lips by
following four simple steps. Number 1, choosing the right
injectable filler. Skin Vitality offers five
types of Juvéderm filler, differing in consistency and
volume. Before deciding on a product, it is important to discuss
the patient’s desired outcome. Shape, structure, and volume
are all important aspects of lip enhancement and are
discussed prior to treatment. Number 2, choosing
the amount of product. It is important to
determine whether a patient desires subtle, moderate,
or substantial enhancement. On average, lip enhancement requires one
to two syringes of Juvéderm. Number 3, after care. Skin Vitality medical staff
takes the time to discuss proper after care with
all of our patients. Proper after care is
essential in achieving long lasting results. After care includes dos and
don’ts post-treatment. As well as every day lip
health, such as skincare and some protection
recommendation for the lips. Number 4, maintenance. Regular maintenance of lip
enhancement is essential. We recommend touch up
treatments every 6 to 12 months to optimize results and
increase persistence. Following these four
steps combined with the skillfulness of our
medical staff is why more patients choose Skin Vitality
than any other physician or cosmetic clinic in Canada. Call 1-877-356-7776 today to receive 50% off your first
syringe of Juvéderm.

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