Guide for Filipino Pharmacist on how to become a Pharmacist in Australia

hi everyone my name is Rona and welcome
to my youtube channel so today I’m gonna tell you how to
become a pharmacist in Australia I am a registered pharmacist in the Philippines
and just got fired no registration here in Australia so I graduated in Cebu and
then I took my Pharmacy Board Exam in Philippines in 2012 a few years after I got married to an
Australian so I decided to continue my profession here so here are the steps on
how to become a pharmacist here in Australia so first up is the skills
assessment second is taking the caps exam 30s applied for registration with
opera the Australian health practitioner agency and fourth is doing the
internship and within that internship you need to take the written exam and
oral exam and lastly once you pass all those exams and apply your general
registration as a pharmacist all right so let’s start with the skills
assessment skills assessment cost around $1,000
sorry Lois maybe about 14,000 in the Philippines you can do this online just
have to make an account in the Australian pharmacy council website and
then make an account there they will just ask your they will just add some
requirements including your PRC certificate your diploma your transcript
of records passport and the payment this takes about eight weeks and you
don’t need your experience with this one that’s only for the visa purposes and
after eight weeks once they are okay with your requirements they’ll send you
a late letter but via email that you are eligible to take the caps exam caps exam
is stands for knowledge of assessment the pharmaceutical sciences so this is
basically just an assessment that your pharmacy education in the Philippines is
equivalent to the pharmacy education here in Australia so it’s a four hours
exam tours in the morning and tours in the afternoon so it’s consists of 200
multiple-choice questions so it’s just you just do it in the
computer you can do it in the Philippines you can
do it here in Australia and in other countries as well you just have to apply
online caps exam costs around your branch yeah and the subjects that you
need to study are pharmaceutics therapeutics political chemistry
pharmacology and astrology you need to get 50% to pass and in my
experience the the books that I use are whipping for CPR the comprehensive
pharmacy your view by Netflix also did a lot of research online in
France reviewers online as well for those people who are they took that exam
there’s a lot of Beaver Salina and I also have a Facebook group which is
called the Pinoy pharmacist in Australia where I uploaded a lot of review
materials so you could join that group yeah I could show you the reviewer stuff
I use one on my exam for me I prepared for seven months because it took a while
for me because I was already working pharmacy assistant yeah and I was
working full time and at the same time studying for the cops so I wanted to
make sure that I am prepared before I take it because it’s quite expensive
yeah so with the help of a lot of friends I was able to pass the exam in one take
so after you passed that exam you will then need to be registered with Abra
Abra is like far PRC in the Philippines so you just have to be registered to
them before you can start your internship so you only get passport your
CV your police check your transcript or fretboards and you need to have an
English tests the upper distraction is 341 AUD and one of the requirements is
the English test now with the English test you have four choices
either try IELTS ot a CEO or a TOEFL in my case I took the PPE because I’ve
heard it was easy I compared to the other ones and it was easy you only need
65 points and a minimum of 65 in each component a lot of people I know as well
tried over 80 and they said that it was also not Hajj and just needs to get a
score of B or 315 each components be PE is cheaper than MIT and I liked it
because there’s a lot of schedules every month so you can choose the days and you
can just apply online as well um yeah so once you’re registered with opera you
can then look for a place where you can do your internship so in my face it
wasn’t really hard because I was already working here in Australia so I just had
to have to apply for pharmacy where I can do my internship but I know someone
who took the cops exam in the Philippines and then she came here in
tourist visa and then she applied here luckily she was hired in a pharmacy
somewhere in Victoria and the company gave her a training visa and that visa a
lot with your work as an intern yes so the internship is you need to do
it for a year and within Donita you need to pass two exams the written
exam in oral exam now while doing the internship you also need to be enrolled
in a intern training program so in my case I enrolled in PSA is a I think the
enrollment cost is about 2000 yes so you need to do that one as well
and also with the internship thing you’ll get paid like the minimum fee
the pay is around 22 to but you will learn that during your your
internship and your you will get the preceptor once you do your internship so
your preceptor will guide you and how to process it yes the oral exam costs
around 415 Australian dollars and it’s consistent for parts it got part 1 part
2 3 & 4 spot one is when they give you five drugs and you just gotta tell them
what you know about the drugs like class indication and dosage money training
counseling part two is a base base scenario we just have to figure out what
the their condition is in recommended product and part three is about the law
and ethics which you will learn during your intern year and the part four is
another role play and have to figure out the problem and how
to solve it when you pass the written and oral exam then you’ll become a
pharmacist so you just need to register it without bra do your general
registration and that’s about 500 Australian dollars and yes and you’ll be
working as a pharmacist and they have big demand of pharmacists in Australia
especially on the remote areas so you have a high chance of getting a PR is
there most of the pharmacist here refers to work in the city so I would suggest
that you look for a job outside the city because they will offer you the PR so
yeah that’s it and pay for the pharmacist here starts about $30.00 per
hour 30 to 50 depends on which company you’re working in the area as well and
they also do like they support your accommodation they pay for your
accommodation so just be wise where you want to work
yeah that’s all and if you want some reviewers just comment down below if you
want you have any questions comment down below and I’ll try to answer them and
add me on Facebook it’s called benign pharmacist in Australia I’ve got some
reviewers there that you can use for the cops exam because it’s pretty much the
hardest out of all the exams alright see you guys next time bye

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