Groundbreaking at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

Connecting patients, co-workers and communities.
This is the Sutter Broadcast Network, the pulse of Sutter Health. Breaking ground for this facility today has
been the result of ten years of planning and work. And to actually see the construction
begin is a terrific thing to happen for health care in the East Bay. On this site, where this building is being
built, was an old nursing school that was here many many years ago and it’s exciting
that that ground is going back to a patient care-focused tower only. The fact that we have a hospital in Oakland
is very important for access. They’ve had their really high-end care all along, but
the new equipment—the new facilities—that they will have in this building will enhance
the care that the patients will be able to experience. We always feel like it “takes a village”
to build a hospital—to design it, plan it, to work with the staff and so far there’ve
probably been 250-300 people that have been involved in bringing this project to a reality
to provide the best patient care. We’re going to be able to build this new
tower. It will be seismically safe for our patients, their families and our employees
and it will be a beautiful new healing environment. It has been so fun to be involved in the development
of the tower that really has the patient in mind and the clinical staff in mind. This new pavilion is such a gift to this community.
To me it really symbolizes the medical center’s commitment to partnering here with the community
in Oakland to enhance the health of this community. Sutter Health has a major commitment to health
care in the East Bay. Sutter has committed over $300 million to build a new hospital
in Castro Valley and now they’ve committed $350 million to help us build a new patient
tower in this area—to serve the patients of Oakland and Berkeley. For our patients and families and our staff
to be able to come to this facility, it’s going to be healing just to simply be in this
environment. May this space be infused with healing and
wholeness. This is SBN, the Sutter Broadcast Network.

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