Grilled Cheese Sandwich Record Challenge in South Carolina!!

Getting ready for 28 grilled cheese
sandwiches in South Carolina. Hey everybody this is Randy Santel, Atlas,
and i am very very excited tonight. I’ve just begun, today is day number one of my “4th Quarter 2019” Travels. Gonna be doing food challenges all the way up through Christmas, so it’s gonna be awesome, but
for challenge number one, I’m going for overall win number 780. I am for the
first time in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, which is across the river from
Charleston. I am here with the owner Kimbo of Pitt Street Pharmacy. This
challenge that I’m doing it’s a record challenge that has not been beaten since
2013. But Kimbo, explain your grilled cheese
record challenge. The record challenge started a long time ago back in 2008
when the first kid ate actually eight grilled cheese sandwiches. The guy that
holds the current record, his name is David Hester, and he’s from Summerville,
and on May the 30th, 2013, he ate 27 sandwiches within an hour. And so I’m going to be trying to eat 28. If I
win, I’m gonna get a sweet t-shirt. I will take over as the leader on their Wall of
Fame board… And if he loses he has to pay for every single sandwich. $3.75 times however many. $3.75 for each one. I’ll be trying to eat 28 in under one hour. If I’m feeling good, I may go for
more. Each has basically two slices of bread
with a little butter on the exterior, and then there’s some mayonnaise along with
two American cheese slices, but yeah, one hour I appreciate everybody here at Pitt Street Pharmacy. Let’s get this challenge started! Alight, my training went well last night. This is my, I’ve been off for like 35 days, so I think I’m ready. David the record holder did his 27 in like 53 minutes, just under the hour. I’m
going to try to beat the 28 and under that, so let’s go, got my timer here. One,
two, three, Boom!! Lots of people here, can’t lose. We’re working on the first 16. They’re
cooking more now so whoo Just a few left and then we will move on to the new ones. Whoo, these are hot. I waited way too long in the beginning, with too many photos and stuff. Those were a bit cooled off, but these are fresh and they will go down faster. So we’ve got these, oh yeah these are hot! We will get up to 23 and then we will have 5 more. This is an 82 year old soda fountain
pharmacy that was started back in 1937, by Dr. Whitey Ziegler (maybe) The soda fountain is original. It’s been here from the get-go. You can see on the menu we make fresh
chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, every day. Great hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, corn dogs, and a little bit of everything, and we have grilled cheese! all right I’ve got city work David Hester ate the 27. He did it in 50 minutes. He sat right there, and he picked the 28th one up and
looked at it for 10 minutes before his time ran out. He could not take another
bite. I think Randy’s right about that spot, right now. 42 minutes and 13 seconds in, number 28 to beat the record. (crowd) It’s going down! I was gonna stop at 28, but they are
wanting me to go for 29… I’ve still got some room. I give you the world champion Pitt Street Pharmacy, grilled cheese eating contestant of the world! I think it was like 48 minutes and 6 seconds. I was gonna try for 30 but my stomach is feeling rough, and I have to sign a whole bunch of photos and stuff after this. Oh and just looking at a grilled cheese is making me sick. 29 is the new record so big thank you to everybody here at Pitt Street Pharmacy in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. across the river from Charleston. It was overall win 780. If somebody comes and eats 30, and beats my record, I might try to do 31, but it definitely won’t be anytime soon. For winning, it was like $100 worth of grilled cheese. I’m gonna get those all for free, but most importantly, I’m going to get a sweet t-shirt! Pitt Street Pharmacy is of course a soda fountain. Much appreciated. Like I said, I will get overall win number 780 and then this Wall of Fame
behind me. I will take over the number one spot, beating David by eating 29. I’ve got another challenge coming up near Savannah, Georgia coming up tomorrow, but Big thanks to all of you guys for watching and staying till the end. I appreciate your support. Thanks again to everybody here
at Pitt Street Pharmacy, and thank you guys for watching!! Delicious grilled cheese
record challenge!!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! Magic Mitch is still editing the remaining videos from my summer travels, and those will post on Mondays and Thursdays throughout the rest of 2019. On Tuesdays and Fridays now, Arthur is editing and we are posting videos from my "4th Quarter 2019" Tour that started in early October. We are now filming enough videos so I can take the first 14 weeks of 2020 off and still have enough videos to post. This has all been planned for a long time. Thank you all for your support!!

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