Griff Liang, M.D., Pulmonary Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic

I like to try to help you breathe better,
help you manage a manage your test and life, be able to get out and enjoy the
northwest. one of the area’s I’m kind of passionate about, and I think part of what
brought me here is trying to find lung cancer earlier, lung disease, and
trying to try to treat people with a less invasive procedures. A lot of our
patients are really complicated and complex so I try to pay attention to
details, I try to work with them, many of them who have already tried various
things that are very easy and out of the box so sometimes it takes a lot
more digging, looking at other options, sometimes it’s just trying to find ways
to make it more tolerable. I try to personalize that I said to them to care
for them, to give them give them the tools they need to be able to be
successful in life, to be able to avoid spending the rest of their life in the
hospital and a care facility. I have two children a daughter in high school and a son in elementary school. My wife has had some experience in the
medical profession, although she’s kind of put that it aside for the moment to
try to be at home when I’m not when I’m not there. to try and help out our kids. I like trying to get outdoors i’ve been trying to get more in shape, I think the
northwest has been a great place to be able to do that, and enjoy the outdoors. You get out
walk, hike, try to pretend to bicycle. I’ve been also pretending the game of golf
but I think I pretend more than I then I can actually play. part of the
multi-specialty clinic one of the benefits is being able to have a care
in one umbrella, often times in medicine you know someone’s problems aren’t just
limited to one sister or mother, having a broad group of colleagues to be able to
work with and ask questions about to be able to explore someone’s medical care is very, very exciting.

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