Greg’s Story – Heart Attack Survivor – Parham Doctors’ Hospital

(light piano music) – Well, it was last
August the 30th, of 2016. And we’d been shopping, we came home, I sat down
in this chair, and I died. I had a massive heart attack at home. Emergency squad came over, and, three minutes later I was
on my way to the hospital. I woke up one day, and
the doctor looked at me, and says, “Well, do you
know what day it is?” I said, “No, I think
it’s August the 30th.” He said, “Huh ugh, it’s
September the 17th.” I had been out all that period of time. I saw my wife and I went to raise my hand, to say something to her and
I couldn’t move my hands. And, I found out I couldn’t move my feet, I had no feeling, I had no legs. Nothing, absolutely nothing worked. When I got to Perham,
at Doctor’s Hospital, I was put into rehab. Dr. G. Looked at me and he said, “Well, I don’t know,” he said, “we may end up hav’n to some leg braces, or somethin, ’cause we’re
not sure your gonna walk. And that’s, I immediately
thought, oh yeah, I’m gonna walk. One way or another, this is gonna happen. So the, first couple of days, Austin brought me down
here, and showed me around, and said, “You’ll be doing
this, and you’ll be doin that.” And, you know, you feel kinda funny, when you go into rehab,
I’m not one to exercise, and I never have been in my life, your gonna exercise now, that’s
what she basically told me. So, I came down and, we
started on that Monday morning. And, it was kinda tough, because at that point
I could move my hands, but I couldn’t hold it steady long enough, and I couldn’t pick up a styrofoam cup. During that week, she taught me, how to raise my arms, and lower them, move my hands back and around, and that, but she also gave me a series of, exercises to do when I’m not down here. And, I was in here, I
think 3 1/2 hours a day. The second week, was the important week, that was the week I learned how to walk. I ‘member my wife was here the first time, she saw me stand up to a walker, and make those first steps, that they told her I probably wouldn’t do. So, I made it 12 foot the first day, made it 100 foot the next day, I made it 200 foot the day after that. And, when Dr. G. came up, and he said, “I don’t believe this!” He said, “You are absolutely astonishing!” He said, “We’ve never
seen anything like this,” he said, “I’ve been in practice 30 years, and nobody’s done what you can do.” S’welp it’s not me, it’s
the people that taught me. He said, “You’re the miracle man.” I said, “No, I’m not a miracle. I have been a miracle, but only because of the doctors, they brought me back to the living. The nurses that took care of me. PT that taught me how to do, walk, talk, use my hands again, they gave me a second life. There’s the miracle, I was in the right place a the right time. I’m just lucky, they are that great.” With all the exercise and the
PT and the OT that I’ve had, I’ve been able to get
back to get back to doin, what I do the best, what I like to do. I do, oh computer programing,
I have a shop built. I go out and machine things,
I restore antique cars, I design and build engines. I do get to do everything
that I used to do, and with no exceptions. And, that gave me a second life. These are special people,
they are very special to me. I’m gonna be eternally grateful to em, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I walk because of em. I talk because of em. I use my hands. Parham Doctors’ Hospital
that’s the place to be. ‘Cause they do the job right. (gentle piano music)

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