Gregory Richard, M.D., Ophthalmology & Optometry – The Corvallis Clinic

We take our site for granted until we
don’t have it, and it’s nice a lot of times we can get it back. I get a lot of patients who appreciate that I explain things to them, I’m not here to twist your arm,
or make your decision for you. Say you have to do this, you have to do that, I
can give you all the best evidence we have, and tell you what I would do if it was
me, if it was my family member, I would go this route, and leave the decision up
to you. So listening to patients I guess, and giving them, trying to empower them
to make the right decision. And if I can’t fix someone I’m going to tell
him why that problem can’t be fixed with current science. I’m gonna tell him
what’s on the horizon, when we think we’ll be able to fix that, what’s coming
out, what are the clinical trials that are going to get there. I’m going to
treat them like I treat a friend or relative or myself, and I’m
I’m gonna stay current, and I’m always gonna be up-to-date I don’t know if
they’ll come see me for my bedside manner so much just for the results, but
hopefully for both. I got wife and two kids, I don’t get outdoors enough but I’d
like to and I think the Louisiana weather has something to do with that, Its pretty horrid with the humidity and the mosquito’s. But definitely we are interested in hiking and kayaking and
biking and we want to do all the typical West Coast stuff I guess. But that’s us,
my wife’s been in the eye business longer than I have,
she’s actually been doing this and she was about 19, so I was in, we were in
college, and she was working for ophthalmologists when we were in college, so
she’s been at it for a long time but she’s been massively helpful through
the whole process. Something that the clinic gives you is the feeling that you
have other people you can talk to. It is great to have so many different
specialties here if you see a patient in the clinic and they have a problem that
you’re not equipped to deal with, somebody is going to be equipped to deal with it,
somebody’s gonna have seen this condition or run into this bureaucratic
problem there’s gonna be somebody who can help you solve the problem. Having so
many specialties in one place is extremely beneficial because there’s very few patients that
just have one problem, I think its a really good thing that the clinic has going here.

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  1. I'm so sad to see Dr. Richard leaving Lake Charles! What a great asset he will be in his new clinic. I wish him and his family all the best on their new venture!

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