“Great Balls of Fire” Carolina Reaper Fritter Challenge at Salvador Molly’s | Uncut | FreakEating

Here we have the reaper fritters
challenge reaper sauce and jalapeno habanero sauce call BS it’s recording
right yeah yeah alright job everybody here we are at salvador molly’s i was
here a year ago today i’m back to take the reaper version the grim reaper
version of these for your challenge no fanfare no BS installing i got to do two
of the oven arrow fritters and three of the leaper fritters basically they’re
feast fritters but i have to eat all of sauce the orange sauce is habanero and
the red sauce and sweep your sauce I’m going to use my fork to help get up the
sauce unlike last year the Vols themselves are just drying the sauces
sauce is actually the wet part not too bad Oh dude I can smell the Reapers from here so many fritters or no sauce habanero it’s pretty hot but obviously nothing left pull it off lips are burning here goes like who I pain like a girl daddy pretty miserable pickups are real try to get something attention to me um I finished the challenge I
don’t know if I use me all da Manik you come minutes I the water my lips are tingling it’s gonna fire my chest you are a crazy panda freak pain is real have some apple fries serella supports my mouth I mean um some of the burners I should deepening
don’t have eyes we feel painful painful yeah I think so
yeah you’re definitely sweating yeah definitely sweating nose is running to
I’m assuming yeah oh the burn is real listen hiccup stop
pull the pig over scary those are these are temporary ones I mean they’re Pink’s
ones will go on for a long time where right here is synonym so I
remember when Chuck on the Bronx would say something similar all right as ears
it ring or he’s like you can’t hear I mean so I guess that’s legit to leave my mouth and the place right by
my teeth down the side went out our stalling basically
feels I can just do the death nut challenge all over again I’ll try an apple fryer just miss Miller
surprise okay yeah I heard I can imagine Oh with my scream man
no problem we’ll get whatever you want huh you don’t like a prank crazy freak oh the pain the pain in real looks like
when you eat Carolina Reaper fritters that hurts it hurts a lot three Reaper footers with the sauce like
Aaron just dead oh I heard I heard something when the
glasses come off it’s real just like when it was either me and or
Ted bears do the same thing when the clinic glasses come off it’s real man how many keep filming just a minute
longer well that was the reaper’s printer
challenge that salvador molly’s my lips feel burning don’t try this at home or
anywhere else give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I’ll see you
all later till we it again stay in school don’t do
drugs and eat like a freak you

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