Graves Gilbert Clinic’s State of the Art Mammography Technology

What we’ve tried to do at Graves Gilbert
is we’ve tried to focus on offering services that not only our clinicians
and patients needed but ones that we can do optimally and do very well for the
community and for our patients. We don’t try to offer things that we don’t feel
that we can do well but we we do mostly every radiology exam. We have made sure
we have state-of-the-art equipment. We have the best things that we can have
for our patients and their imaging. We do mammography and we specialize a little
bit in women’s Imaging. Out here we have breast tomography so it’s 3D imaging
of the breast instead of just your regular 2D imaging so that makes it
where there is slices of the breast and the radiologist can see in much more detail.
With conventional mammography there it is a two-dimensional image with lots of
densities throughout and oftentimes those can coalesce and have the
appearance of a mass and with the tomosynthesis it basically breaks the images
down into slices and we’re able to scroll through those and differentiate
between a true mass and simply superimposed tissue. This is advantageous
for multiple reasons we are able to detect much smaller cancers that way and
we’re also able to reduce the false positive or the callbacks of patients.
You know when we’re using conventional mammography if we see something we have
that may or may not be a mass we have no choice but to call the patient back
to get additional images and get an ultrasound and this creates a lot of anxiety for
patients but with the tomosynthesis we’re able were often able to discern
whether that is truly something that we need to work up not necessarily that
it’s cancer or anything bad but it does help define the area more and reduces
those callbacks

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