Graves Gilbert Clinic’s Dr. Lindsey Whiteman discuss Sports Medicine and Sports Physicals

So my name is Dr. Lindsey Whiteman. I am Sports Medicine and Family Medicine here
at Graves Gilbert. So Sports Medicine is a field of medicine
that focuses attention on the athlete and we deal with a wide variety of athletes, whether
it’s the elite level athlete, professional, or Division one college level athlete and
then we see the recreational athletes. So the people in their 40’s and 50’s that
like to do marathons, half marathons, we see a lot of those. We see some older people that just enjoy walking
around their neighborhood or walking at the mall and they’re having a little bit of knee
pain, a little bit of arthritis. We treat them too. We see a lot of children too. Bumps, bruises, sprains, you know fractures
we can treat fractures as long as there’s not a surgical indication for that. It’s highly recommended that each individual
under the age of 18 and even into college gets a sports physical. The reason is sometimes we’re able to find
things that maybe have been missed. In the past a lot of kids unfortunately especially
when they get to be teenagers they don’t go to the doctor for their annual physical and
they’re still growing and developing. They could develop something that we may catch
on a sports physical. We also screen for cardiac problems and we
screen for concussion issues. So some recommendations we make for our youth
getting back into the swing of sports is to do a little bit of exercise at home prior
to going back. We have a lot of football players right now
starting back to football this month. It’s much more difficult if you haven’t done
anything and then you get there and coach is running you in the heat. So and you know that goes for all sports is
just to have somewhat of some conditioning before you go back to your sport just so it’s
not such a shock to your body when you go from doing nothing in the air conditioning
to back outside running your lines or your poles or whatever it is.

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