Graves Gilbert Clinic Doctors Discuss MonaLisa Touch

I’m Christy South, I’m an OB/GYN here with
Graves Gilbert Clinic. My name is Mark Yurchisin, I’m a obstetrician,
gynecologist and I practice gynecology here at the Graves Gilbert Clinic. We’re very excited to offer the MonaLisa Touch
here in this office. MonaLisa Touch was actually a laser system
that originated in Europe and has gradually come to the United States. One of the biggest issues that I deal with
my ladies, whether they’re premenopausal or postmenopausal is difficulty with vaginal
health. Meaning, dryness, pain with intercourse, and
up until now we’ve had only limited treatments for that, mainly hormone therapy. The MonaLisa Touch is a laser system that
allows us to deliver that energy inside the vagina in a quick, relatively painless process
that’s about less that five minutes. During that time the tissue itself is stimulated
to increase its glycogen stores, elastin, just like we would think of ladies doing lasering
to the face to decrease our age there. It increases collagen production, moisture
to the vagina, and overall improves the health of the vagina. So we typically offer that to ladies in treatments
six weeks apart, recommending about three treatments for a complete course. After the first treatment within about 24-36
hours ladies can always already see a huge difference. What this laser actually does is it stimulates
neovascularization or new growth of blood vessels within the vaginal wall. Also, it stimulates collagen and elastin formation,
which has become very thin in the postmenopausal state and that’s under the condition of lack
of estrogen and so the laser therapy will actually reverse that process and restore
the thickness and the health of the vaginal mucosa. So the beauty of this procedure is that it’s
in office and it only takes about five minutes per treatment. That’s the internal and external treatment
both. There’s no anesthesia, there’s minimal downtime
after this procedure. I’ve had patients tell me that they went home,
an hour or so they had like a sunburn effect externally, they had a little bit of burning
or discomfort associated with it. An icepack was enough to suffice. They didn’t require any kind of postoperative
narcotic therapy or pain medication and they were back to work the next day. So patients say that very quickly they’re
seeing relief. They’re seeing moisture return to the vagina,
normal lubrication, intercourse is no longer “tolerable”. It can be enjoyable again, it can be comfortable
again. Some conditions of the vulva and the vagina
aren’t just dryness. They’re irritation or inflammations and we’re
also treating more medical conditions as well, not just vaginal dryness. So overall we’re seeing ladies very pleased
with their therapy. If a patient sees this and hears this, I think
that my message would be, is you don’t have to suffer silently anymore. You don’t have to not tell somebody about
this. Tell your physician, call us. We’d be more than happy to help you because
there’s no reason for you to just “Grin and bear it”, so to speak or pretend like it doesn’t
exist or find out some sort of a work around. We can restore your vaginal health and hopefully
your sexual health and functioning to a normal level with this treatment.

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