Grant Garrigues, MD – Rush University Medical Center

I treat the shoulder and elbow. So that could be trauma, like a broken bone. That could be a sports medicine-type, minimally
invasive surgery like a rotator cuff tear or instability surgery. Or that could be arthritis and then like a
total shoulder replacement, or everything in between. And that encompasses both surgical treatment,
as well as nonoperative treatment like injections and supervising physical therapy. At Duke I was doing about 200 shoulder replacements
a year, which put us in the highest percentile of all shoulder surgeons in the world. There’s excellent evidence that volume correlates
with outcome — both in terms of satisfaction with the shoulder replacement, but also in
terms of avoidance of complications. And then at Rush, it’s been fantastic to
both maintain and sustain that volume, as well as grow it, and then have a team around
you of nurses, anesthesiologists, etcetera, that are also used to a high volume shoulder
replacement practice. I love seeing happy patients, “Oh, doc,
I can do x, y, z that I couldn’t do before. The pain that I had before is gone now. Look at what I can do now. Here’s a picture of me doing something fun
with my family.” All of those things really drive me. We feed off their energy and their positive
outcomes, so being able to deliver that to them and then they share back with me is absolutely
the fuel for the fire that keeps us going.

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