Grand Opening of the Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point Neuroscience Center

– Thanks so much for coming out today and sharing in this proud moment of ours. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. Having the advance treatment that we have here at Bayonet Point truly,
truly, truly does save lives. (peaceful music) – If you know what a stroke is, it’s a kind of a sudden onset
of a neurologic deficit. Most times, it’s from a blockage
in the artery in the brain, and this form of intervention can clearly change that patient’s life. (upbeat music) – Pasco County has truly grown, and Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point has led the way, ladies and gentlemen. The staff here has done a fabulous job taking care of so many people. – This biplane neurovascular
suite offers us the opportunity to provide newer and improved techniques for treating stroke patients. We can, via a small puncture in the groin, put a small catheter tube in that artery, go up into the head-neck vessels, and then inject some
liquid dye or contrast. Once the contrast goes
into the brain vessels, we take needed pictures. That’s called an angiogram, and from that you can kinda look and see if there’s a
blockage of some kind. Once you identify the blockage, then at that point you select
what’s called microcatheters and go up inside of the
brain vessels, itself, and in that sense take a device to physically grab the clot out the body. It’s called mechanical thrombectomy, and that’s something new
that’s offered to this hospital that wasn’t done before. – We are the first to do in Pasco County. Every body else has to
come up to that standard. Raise the level of the medical care. This is just one smither
of what we have done. Not only leading the Pasco,
but leading the nation. – One recent successful story
I can think of right now, the patient had an acute
onset of what’s called right middle cerebral artery syndrome, which is a major brain vessel that supplies the right side of the brain. She actually presented
comatose in her backyard, came to the hospital here, the next day, literally, the
patient was totally normal. That could not have been
done three months ago here. It’s an exciting time for a hospital to have something like this.

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