Grand Opening of TCO Waconia Therapy & Sports Performance

This is a huge community day for us the
city Waconia and really our surrounding communities from Delano to Arlington to
Carver, it’s just a big day for us to have a facility like this, in a
community this size, it’s just unrivaled and unmatched. It brings rehabilitation
injury prevention, wellness, community engagement, so we’re doing all that right
here in Waconia. It was really cool to see all the new equipment and all the
stuff they’re going to use to train people and work with people. I saw a man running under water earlier today. In the back room, there’s a man on the under-water treadmill. You know state of the art. You know back in high school they really
didn’t have all this stuff you know, now they got all of the
state-of-the-art equipment for the high school kids and everything, so the kids
should really take advantage of it. The opportunity that they have and stuff
like that. They’re the best in the business, you know, TCO’s taking over. The tendency
always is is you know you got to go east into the city for something like this,
and the reality is we don’t have to. We’ve got it here in this community, and
I think really in somewhere this size, this is unmatched. I don’t think you’re
going to find something like this in this size, and we’re proud of that but it
couldn’t have been done without you know a lot of hard work for multiple groups
of people. To just see what Twin Cities Orthopedics has done in the last five to
ten years from a service standpoint. It’s innovation, quality, it’s awesome. These
facilities are a representation of that, but it’s really the people and the
service that we’re providing communities that we’re most excited about.

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