Grand Opening Celebration for Scripps HealthExpress Retail Clinic

[begin music]>>Steve Case: It’s an exciting day for
us at the Irvine Company. We’re very very proud to partner with Scripps, the premier
healthcare provider in San Diego. We think that the hundred companies that are located
here at the plaza along with the twenty five hundred employees will find this a very valuable
offering.>>Chris Van Gorder: We are truly honored
to be partners with the Irvine Company. We’re proud to serve our community and the patients
that are in this facility. This team is already starting to see patients that have popped
down here and had very convenient care and were able to go back up to work. This is the first facility like this to be
built in a workplace community. I don’t think healthcare has been responsive to patients
in the past. We kind thought that we would open when it’s convenient for us, and we
would put up centers and facilities when it was convenient to us and times have changed.
Now we’re listening to our patients and building sites where it’s convenient for
our patients, and operating in hours that’s convenient to them.>>Sherri Lightner: This new clinic will be
offering the most needed services in the most convenient way for patients. This is great
news for the folks who live and work in vicinity. This community care center allows them to
get the care that they need in the easiest possible way.>>Scripps Employee: (Ambience) Hi. How are
you today? We’re here for the open house.>>Building Tenant Employee: You guys are
blessing us with fruits, drinks, recipes on how to be healthier.>>Chef Palma: (Ambience) Also we have great
spicy kasha.>>Francis Lee: I can just come here for thirty
minutes for appointment and then go back to work really soon, so I don’t need to commute.>>Scripps Staff: (Ambience) So if you’d
like to see a physical therapist, acupuncture, that’s going to be this room.>>Thomas Carter, MD: The response has been
phenomenal. We’re very happy to be here and it’s clear this is a service that the
tenants and executives here are very interested in having. We are offering services that you would find
in any typical primary care office or retail clinic including care for acute illnesses
such as upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, minor injuries, skin conditions.
Anything else you might go see a physician for in a primary care setting we can offer
here. We will also be offering care for health and wellness services including things like
blood pressure checks, cholesterol evaluation. You name it, we can do it. [end music]

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