99 thoughts on “Grand Bahama hospitals devastated by Hurricane Dorian

  1. You’d think people in this area would be more prepared for such an event but no

    They need things like water food and generators

  2. It hurts my heart to see my people like this we have never really been hit this hard my dad is still over their and told me if you can’t swim you anit gone make it everything’s badly flooded

  3. Then don't build a house on train tracks. Seriously, the people that continue to live in areas that are repeatedly pummeled by hurricanes astound me.

  4. Not sound critical or subhuman but if you know a hurricane is approaching why would you not prepare?
    Food, water & electricity, if you really need it, would be priority # 1,2,3.
    A generator would be the last thing on my list.
    They were warned/told to evacuate.

  5. Now, looters are shooting (and who knows, think Haiti) people. Go ahead and give the government your weapons. They'll protect you.

  6. President Donald J Trump sends Help and disaster Aid relief and the Coast Guard and what do the Democrats do?….. they complain… and make fun of the Dead

  7. Remember the ex prime minister of Canada and loads of democrats wanted Dorian to kit Florida to get back at trump. Remember that.


  9. this is so funny—–the US of A …sends in troops to help…these people…that have lost everything…..hhmmmmmmmmm…..while in the US OF A….we have thousands among thousands of homeless, WHO HAVE lost everything—meanwhile—in most major cities….there are plenty of PUBLIC buildings—that were built with tax payer funds——that sit empty and unused…………does anyone see the fallacy in ANY OF THIS?

  10. Sigh… Don't build on ground level in places like the Bahamas and you won't have these issues. At the very least, if you can't build on stilts, then build on a concrete foundation a few feet above ground level. 99% of your problems solved.

  11. The MSM showed graphics that had all of the Bahamas under water.
    Having grown up in hurricane country, and ridden out no less than 40 of them, I will say nowhere near that helicopter was under any amount of water in the last 30 days.
    I smell bullshit!!

  12. Such devastation in the Bahamas is heartwrenching. Prayers go out to each and every one of the Island's inhabitants.

  13. Hurricanes happen. Yesterday, today, and forever. They need generators? It's crazy. Every home should have a generator as soon as it's built. Most Bahamas people couldn't afford the fuel to run a generator . Drew

  14. Every helicopter that arrives should be taking the most seriously ill back to fully functioning hospitals on the mainland when they depart. No helicopter should go back empty. 🚁

  15. It is so heart wrenching. I had to do something besides pray.
    I made a small donation to a highly ranked charity that is on CharityNavigator.com that is sending medicines and other needed supplies to the Bahamas. I hope many, many people will make donations, too.

  16. Oh my Lord. I know there are many experts around the world. Many militaries across the world are used to putting up mash units in the middle of a war zone it looks like that is what's needed down there now I hope many countries come to the aid of the bahamians in this crisis May the world come together and open their hearts out of love and tear down walls apate at this time

  17. Praying for all, I wish another cruise ship or two can go dock serving strictly as a hospital and the third to continue back and fourth for ongoing supplies. The several doctors and nurses should be able to live on the ship with no cost as well during this time until the injured and sick are treated and discharged .

    This way, in serious cases, there is already a landing pad on the ships for helecopters to fly those with serious conditions fast to appointed hospitals in Florida such as needed surgeries and such but a bulk of the survivors can be treated and released there. The Bahamian Government like America should have a natural disaster fund that can be utilized and I am positive America will be helping with financial funding. Can these actions be put into place between the two Governments with those Cruise lines who serve the Bahamas?

  18. "Look what they have done to my Island. Turned it into a substandard poorly planned environmental disaster slum".

  19. I am glad that the US Coast Guard was helping. You would think that Canada would be there since the Bahamas are part of the UK.

  20. A sad situation indeed, but many refused to leave after very strong warnings were given out if any lesson is to be learned here is when weather officials say evacuate please do.

  21. I think the death toll will be shocking when all the piles of rubble is cleared. what a tragedy. hope and prayers to the Bahamas

  22. Everyone hate the cops and military. Then a hurricane strikes and everyone demands their help. Thank you everyone in a uniform for helping your selfish ungrateful fellow countrymen and women.

  23. Guess the USA has to pay to rebuild. Take all of them in and still be the "bad guy" because… racism, xenophobia, etc.

  24. Who wants to send money and supplies anymore. They'll probably never reach the people in need. To many scam artists will steal it.

  25. What happen to England it's their islands but its. The. United states that always is first to help. Come on. Queen get your act together

  26. The Miami Herald should be covering Our Government's response to the Disaster in the Bahamas! Are we Steadily sending generators, food and water??? Boats, ships to use as makeshift hospitals. Are we helping???

  27. What the Christmas is a hospital on an island in a hurricane zone doing being built at any height less than 20 feet above the average high tide mark.
    Chuckleheads build at sea level. I don’t feel bad for people that don’t plan in buildings height and materials. Especially a place that is prone to hurricanes. Since 1851 the islands have been hit 55 times by hurricanes.

  28. Believe that in Jesus and the Lord. God will punish the wicked and this is why the Bahamas got what our lord has promised them.

  29. Paradise on Earth is Temporary. Men are helpless against nature yet the human bond remains strong. Prayers for the victims.

  30. Recovery hasn't made it to the hospital yet. Shouldn't the hospital be one of the first places that get help after a hurricane. Man something's messed up here.

  31. Is the Red Cross sending containers full of money 💰 over there? We know they’ve been illegally obtaining it in warehouses ships 🚢

  32. The Bahama's aren't poor and this isn't the first hurricane to ever hit them. so if they aren't hurricane prepared by now its because they are retarded and the wrong people are getting all that money flowing into the island. I don't feel bad. If I live in a flood zone and year after year it floods and I don't make a change its my fault……..

  33. Lived there for two years… Outside of the resorts ….It is like a third world country…before the hurricane! So ….enough said.

  34. Amazing people on islands managed to live for a millennia BEFORE depending on Americans for support and relief. They are LAZY. Help the sick, old, kids and homeless HERE before doing what others can and SHOULD DO.

  35. Go fund me pages have raised a few million bucks so far. Ten dollar donation adds up quickly. If you cannot donate 10 donate 1.00. If you can help these people please….Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you give your receive 10 fold.

  36. For anyone seeing this, please check out this GoFundMe specifically aiming to help with the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Grand Bahama hospital, Rand Memorial and the Children's Home. https://www.gofundme.com/f/humans-of-bahamas

  37. My issue with your government is that no body had the common sense to think 'hmmm our islands are flat like a pancake, no hills or mountains and we are open to hurricanes so let us build the hospitals on concrete blocks with steel enforcement pillars at least 20ft in height , including the houses at least 10ft no zinc and board houses after all our government is rich and we are the richest islands in the world.". Think about the logics people.

  38. No national guards no FEMA no military no govt officials no pastor no pray
    except their own salivas
    Poor Bahamians unless they accept the US offer
    Give Us A Military Navy Base

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