Grafenwoehr Health Clinic Exercise Part 2

I think this exercise is a huge opportunity
to show how we work very closely with our host nation partners here in Germany. We do it every single day. I think that this exercise just highlights
the importance of how well that our medical, military medical providers here work with
our host nation providers and how willing they are to understand our processes and our
system and how it integrates with their processes and their systems. The German health care system has a fantastic
reputation of being among one of the best in the world and this exercise demonstrates
that not only are we able to care for our patients but we are able to take care of those
patients and pass them on to host nation, evacuation them and get them further care
within a local hospital. I think that Amberg Dr. Hollnberger is a phenomenal
hospital director. I think that him being willing to open up
his hospital even to work with us on an exercise of this scale says a lot about his trust in
us as medical providers here in the Grafenwoehr Health Clinic, so I think that is very important. Amberg Klinikum does trauma training twice a year
and we hope that this will be an enduring partnership and enduring invitation to us
to take part in that training.

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