Graduate Medical Education (GME): Residency Programs at Anne Arundel Medical Center

– Some of the attractive features of Anne Arundel Medical Center are the actual type and diversity of patients that we treat here. It’s a very sophisticated place and its grown in sophistication, particularly over the last 10 or 15 years. In addition to that, we
have focused on the delivery of what I call high value medicine. So, trainees who know and
learn this in residency and come from a program
where this is emphasized will find themselves in demand when they get through with their training and Arundel Medical Center
is one of those places that has a reputation for doing that well. – And when it comes to
the campus itself at AMC, I would just rate it ten out of ten. – I think what it absolutely creates is this feeling of you’re being cared for, that it almost feels more like your home as opposed to an institution. – Annapolis, as we all know, is the sailing capital of the country. Annapolis also has
wonderful schools for kids. It’s just a very neat
college historic town. We are 35 minutes roughly
southeast of Baltimore, so you can get an Orioles game in, and we are about 50 minutes directly east from our nation’s capital. – Anne Arundel’s a great
hybrid program of community, but also reaches that are global with different types of research and state of the art technologies
that are offered here. – For me, it makes me feel
quite confident and comfortable and being someone who came from a program that was much larger, I
didn’t have that experience, so I definitely see the difference here. – We’re looking for learners
who would be open-minded and who would be lifelong
learners, in general, so they can not only adapt, but also lead the future of medicine. – This is the type of place I
wish I had been able to train. It’s such a functional environment. This is where I want surgeons to train and pattern themselves on
in terms of relationships with other providers. We wanna train our residents to be ready for general practice, if
that’s what they would like, or, as most are now doing,
to pursue a fellowship and to be competitive for those most highly sought after fellowships and we believe that our fellows are gonna be able to do that. – We’re building a residency because we think we have
something valuable to teach here and that valuable thing is high quality, high value medicine. I think it’s important
for residents to train in a place where attention to quality and patient safety is paramount, that we are gonna focus on
what I call professionalism, and we will demonstrate that,
we will talk to you about it, and we will model it for you. – AAMC has affiliations with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, they have affiliations with
University of Maryland, and George Washington University. – [Alex] Certainly, our cell
center is a great resource for our residents to train on simulators and that is as important
as pilots training on simulators before they’re flying planes and feel confident and safe about it. – Its use is wired directly
into their curriculum, so every week, they’re down there. There are lots of skills across
a broad clinical spectrum that they learn in the cell center. – So we have block time
scheduled every week, which helps us work on our suture training or our laparoscopic skills,
even our endoscopy skills, so it helps us practice in a
more controlled environment and in simulation before we go and actually perform these
procedures on patients. – The amount of time
that you have one-on-one with your attendings is extremely high and so you’re learning directly from a specialist in the field. It’s a unique environment to be in and so, we’re very, very fortunate to have the number of faculty that we have to teach our residents. – Anne Arundel Medical
Center has residencies ’cause we want them. We have program directors who
wanna be program directors, who are deeply committed to this process of training young physicians, people who are in the
business for the right reason and I think people training here will have a really excellent experience. (piano music)

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