GPRH Foundation Tour of New Grande Prairie Regional Hospital

(gentle music) – The new Grande Prairie Regional Hospital is going to improve quality
of life for you, your family, and people across Northwestern Alberta. Through the Grande Prairie
Regional Hospital Foundation, you can enhance this great facility, its services and equipment, to create a higher level
of care for our communities and our families. – From my perspective,
it’s the opportunity to build services within the region and to enable us to have the services that our population needs as
close to home as possible, so there are some services that obviously we need our
tertiary centers to provide, like transplant services
and those types of things. But in partnership with
some of our centers, like partnerships with the Stollery, we’re able to maintain
some really great services like our NICU and our ICU. – [Announcer] Input from people like Stacy ensures that this
facility is cutting edge, offering the best health and healing for you and your family. – The opportunity we’ve
had to really design it to bring in that natural light, and to have every single inpatient space has views to the outside world. – [Announcer] Treatment
for patients will improve with an expanded cancer centre, complete with radiation therapy services. Two radiation vaults will be available, advancing care for cancer patients in Northwestern Alberta. – The new cancer centre
is gonna be beautiful. The current one that we have right now is 520, approximately, square feet. The new cancer centre is gonna be between probably 6,000 to 6,500 square feet, so with this new facility, patients are gonna be able to
get treatment closer to home. It’s gonna make a big
difference in people’s lives. – [Announcer] The new hospital
will make a big difference in the lives of young
people in our communities, including an area devoted to
youth mental health services. – One of the things that we
will have in the new hospital is youth mental health. And that is going to be state-of-the-art. We see it all the time how prevalent mental health issues are, and they’re becoming
more and more mainstream. The more we become aware, as everyday citizens in the community, of mental health issues, the better everyone can become. And to have access to the
excellence in healthcare here, on a mental health point of view, is something that we should
all be very proud of. – [Announcer] Emergency
services in the hospital will feature a large expansion, supporting the needs of
our growing communities. – The emergency department that we’re building at this hospital has twice as many rooms as
what the current one does at the QE II, and most of the rooms are designed, again, to be single-patient-type
spaces with doors on them. So you have more privacy there, from an infection control perspective, it’s better in terms of how you’re looking after
your patient as well, too. So we certainly try to improve many of those design kinds of things that we couldn’t do at the QE II, the way we have it set up right now. – [Announcer] Through the partnership with the Grande Prairie Regional College, the new hospital features an entire wing dedicated to education for
healthcare professionals. – Having a hospital and a
college in the same building I think creates huge synergies and the potential of interaction between faculty and students and doctors and nurses and to be this
close to the college, too, just the whole life experience that now we’re very close to the theatre and recreation facilities. I think it’d create a great community. – [Announcer] And
creating great communities doesn’t happen without generous support from people like you. Your donation to the hospital foundation enhances care for patients and
families across our region. – The funding that people can do directly or organizations or
companies can do directly impacts the things that
we wouldn’t normally get through our tax dollars. So this is what helps to
enhance medical technologies and the medical services that
are available in our region. So instead of, just, you can have a procedure that you need, but you have to go to Edmonton or Calgary. Now that’s when we think
about people in Grande Prairie, but if you’re thinking
about the regional outlay, there’s people from Peace River, there’s people from High Level, there’s people from all over the place that would have an increased
time, and also distance to getting those services. So having it in a local area and our local area is really important. The other thing that’s super-important, is that all the money that’s
raised here stays here. – [Announcer] Our hospital is
the heart of our community. And our healthcare system is critical to keeping our community healthy. – If you’re considering giving a gift that will literally affect
thousands of people, the Key to Care Campaign
is a great way to do it, keeping in mind that many years ago this hospital didn’t have an MRI scanner, and we raised the money for that. Didn’t have a CT scanner. We raised the money for that. Those are things that
we’ve enhanced years ago. The hospitals are made to be very good, they’re not made to be great. They’re given a certain amount of funding. So what we do is we fill the gaps between being a good hospital
and being a great hospital. – [Announcer] Your gift to the
Key to Care Capital Campaign will make an impact
advancing healthcare today and for generations to come. Thank you for your generosity.

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