welcome to Santa Fe ooh so nice I know I really pronounced my T’s when it’s a cent a favor for some reason it’s very nice [Music] [Music] to the Pueblo City it’s gorgeous here it’s so charming we’ve been very excited to come here because we’ve heard so many great things about it and I can see why yeah absolutely did you know that it is the third oldest city in the United States it was settled first by the Spanish colonial what are the first two Trish well I don’t exactly know number two but I know number one which is st. Augustine which we were there but then evacuated due to the hurricane hurricane Matthew so we still some unfinished business to do there but this is the third oldest city and you can feel it the streets have a little twist and turn the cobblestone but we are at the gorgeous Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi patron saint to animals bring your dog everyone’s got a dog it really is there’s dog statues everyone has different kinds of dogs now it’s a beautiful city that you can walk your dogs we heard it’s a foodie town oh and we’re gonna go to any we just we just bumped into a local named George and he said hop on over to Santa Fe bites so he says they got burgers there this thick so we’re gonna go chase tree grilling up all kinds of goods for the locals so I cannot wait thank you George yeah so anyway we’re glad you’re here we want to show you all around we’re gonna be here for a few days so we’re gonna start checking our way down to bike show you this amazing city and what not so and see how many awesome things we can eat and food vlog alright let’s go let’s go guys [Music] we just had dinner at Santa Fe bite how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop I’m right in the middle of something we’re gonna find out it was very good I mean here’s my recommendation always get when a restaurant is known for and this restaurant is known for the chili cheeseburger no but now green chili the green green chili cheeseburger so get that go burger go burger we’re gonna develop an agenda for the next four days so that we can bring you a good scent of episode and then other than that that’s it for day one so we’ll see you in the morning day one we transition transition transition we’re gonna turn the light outside right right now right now this RV Resort is called Los Suenos and it is right outside of Santa Fe about 15 minutes yeah it’s pretty nice actually is like what $40 a night yeah I wouldn’t I would say it’s pretty typical it’s true to its name it’s a sleepy little RV resort and then you get to go into town that’s its bonus it’s we did it because we were desperate for full hookups after the Balloon Fiesta yeah we were willing to do anything and the rate was right but let me share something with you 40 megabyte download speeds 10 megabyte upload speeds ok we’re inside 30 for the repeater the Wi-Fi turbo it’s right here once I found out they had that kind of internet I knew I had to bring it up it’s like can we stay here for like a couple weeks now we are on our way to oh-ho-ho Kelly anything okay anything so hot I know spicy eyes spicy eyes so anyway but it is like ancient mmm mineral water hot springs mud baths yeah spa kind of thing cuz I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re in the area is go to some kind of tranquil resting rejuvenating voice that’s what it’s gonna be like for you we’re bringing the boys [Music] [Music] [Music] are you relaxed sylvilla how’s the skin feel rejuvenated rejuvenated completely new it feels so tight yes okay that’s actually hurting and feels like a sunburn by the way there is plenty of room for an RV so if you just happen to be going through Santa Fe North whole Caliente like on your way to Taos you could easily Park your rig yeah this could just be a stopover for the day there’s all sorts of different pools here there’s like eight different pools the soda pool says no talking Caleb goes we need to go in there I’m like we’re not allowed we any room not getting any room that says there’s no talking we have wood yes this whole area is a whisper zone – it’s like a library spa so it’s totally worth the experience this was amazing you could also go and get a full spa day and have a massage you could stay here but for 24 dollars to enjoy that all day long and then you could leave and have dinner and go back there’s no rules it’s fantastic worth it [Music] first spa experience well it was okay and get my deep tissue massage I was really looking forward to that actually but you got to feel like this serenity of what a spa day feels like yeah you get to go home oh you haven’t had your lemon water yet lemon water yes you have to go in there and get a little lemon water okay tonight we ate at the shed you see it down there at the shed it was so good it’s called the creative kitchen I think it should be called the sabahi see kitchen okay it is hot oh my gosh if food was hot it was good as a super colorful place and it was worth the wait so if you come out here go check it out because I mean I felt better it was good food it was very good food thank you for the mint Carson mark and I are gonna come down here tomorrow morning really early and go check out this long line of galleries but what I love about this is it just looks like one row when a few little galleries know every single little doorway leads to a whole nother little section I can’t wait to show em we’re gonna have breakfast at Plaza Cafe yes join us so come join us with that okay so tonight hydrate get some sleep tomorrow we’re gonna start again yeah it is with chilly very cold okay so we learned a couple things yeah what have we learned we’ve been in this trailer for over a year and a half now and every time we turned on the heat air would blow out the roof it was like the air conditioning was on it but we hardly ever used the furnace so I didn’t really like have the motivation to like figure it out until now it’s freezing here so I went to Google in about three and a half seconds later I figured out the problem turns out at the Dometic thermostat when you move it to the fan it has Auto low or high it needs to be set to auto so that when the air conditioning or the furnace is on it kicks on or it shuts off automatically it’s been so nice not only does the air not blow out the ceiling when the furnace is on but we set it to six we can have it we can set it so in the middle of the night the furnace just comes on for a little bit and it turns off just like it does it a house right so nice to wake up and not be like hey like it’s freezing turn the furnace on we could literally see our breath yeah anyhow so I bring that up because a lot of you have the Dometic thermostat you hit the plus and the minus at the same time it’ll go from Celsius to Fahrenheit that’s another thing either okay so anyway I hope that helps for you but anyhow we are off now to go into town let’s go see this beautiful thing we’re gonna go see the city we’re gonna go have a little breakfast and we’re gonna show you around and then I think we’re you gonna extend our day one more day because there’s some more things to do here yes I think we were here at the ideal time the fact that all of these trees are turning bright yellow yeah it’s such a cool contrast to the Pueblo design which is normally like a really like a mocha beige the jewels of the town are all the pieces of artwork everywhere yeah look there are sculptures even the town clock is gorgeous yeah the City Plaza and the church and whatnot it’s really cool town now let us be clear this is a chill town yeah okay it’s like bring your dog enjoy our have a copy it’s very slow like everyone wants to talk if you’re looking for like exciting action-packed that kind of stuff that this is not the place for you this is like culture boom keep art and people forget your troubles I do like a little prize in a locket or easy I like that Tori’s gonna love this so much fine you just made dinner reservations let’s see Ana Cantina and they’re gonna sing show tunes Broadway they’re gonna sing they’re gonna sing show tunes while we have dinner in the cantina Oh Mike so we made reservations he’s very excited I’m so fun first we’re gonna make dinner for our kids and it’s just gonna be the two of us time [Music] so we’re at the shake the shaky foundation what did you get you get them they’re known for their grit their green chile cheeseburger did you get one no what did you get okay I got a cheeseburger ketchup only with fries and a chocolate milkshake well when it comes out can I get some footage of it you kind of give a report on how the burger is yeah it’s uh well we we gotta have this fancy editing like Carson’s food review and then now and then and then there’s a little look screen with Peck with our face alright Carson that’s a lot of editing do you want to get ketchup for your price no no ketchup needed Oh they’d only am including a feeler ketchup come right out of ketchup [Music] you need another one these food reviews I don’t know if they’re gonna be a I don’t know if it’s gonna be a recurring segment Carson’s reviews they’re like thanks Carson’s angry reviews you ready to go I managed to pull together an outfit yes ok very good alright what are we gonna go do we’re gonna watch people sing and have dinner dance and have dinner and play the piano and date night Santa Fe and you’re invited [Music] beautiful called Texas little darlin this musical came out in 1924 and this song has yodeling in it so crossing [Music] amazing did you not just see that amazing [Music] how did you end up incentive a singing Broadway at a restaurant I moved here from Austin four years ago I went to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design and actually just graduated in May with my bachelor’s in the school theatre next year moving to Houston gonna tackle the theater scene in there so you are amazing what are your showers like I’m like singing like at the top of my lungs for the Beatles show you should see and I’m sure my neighbors were like stuff [Music] I tell you that this was one of the most memorable nights orzo God it was so neat and your voice was so powerful clear Oh [Music] here in Santa Fe I was in the show I was in Oklahoma in my high school and one of the professors from the University here saw me the show and was I really like kind of my school he’s like well we give you lots of money and I was like yeah yeah that sounds great so I did end up here and I love it so much [Music] and every time I come back to the table after his song this one over here is crying no seriously I have a tip okay my tip is order slow order one thing at a time start with a soup move to an appetizer move to dinner make dinner last as long as you can as you can until the piano player stops playing because that was so good this was the most memorable dinner fish and I have ever read it amazing it was so good the food was good and without the kids it was pretty formal it so much fun anyway the link to this restaurant is in the show notes the link to the website of this restaurant is in the description below if and when you’re in Santa Fe and I suggest coming here because this is a big foodie town if you can’t tell from the blog it’s so worth coming here so plan around maybe here and some of the others have we beat some good food ok yeah I’m not leaving the piano player is still playing you wonder why I just wish I had just eating my ice that’s all I have left I’m like I’m doing one ice cube at a time we hope you enjoyed this we sure did then we go to eating in this town are we actually leaving in the morning I don’t know because I’m not leaving this holiday hotel I hear one more about anyway I’ve been there before one more [Music] you right


  1. I always want to go to the snazzy eating establishments, but we always seem to end up at IHOP or something like that. Needless to say, my family is not very adventurous with their eating habits 🙁

  2. Next time you guys are in the Wisconsin area, check out the Fireside Theater for dinner and live musical. It's located in Fort Atkinson which is not to far from Madison. Plan your trip around July and head up to Oshkosh for the EAA air show, one of the best in the country 🙂

  3. Santa Fe was amazing. One of the things that endears me to you guys is I enjoy the same things you guys enjoy. You are so relatable. I loved the little cafe with the live music. Those kids are really talented. Thank you again, Paul

  4. Born and raised in Santa Fe and I’m super bummed to announce that they closed Santa Fe Bite
    I was super sad they were amazing! 😩

  5. I live in Santa Fe. Not born here but raised. I am also Hispanic. And one of the few things I look forward to here in Santa would be the fiestas in the summer. Just colorful parades, fresh made Navajo tacos from one of our street plaza carts and a Frito pie from the Five and Dime. Growing up in such a traditional town has been such a thrilling life. So much culture is alive down town, the fiestas are so amazing, Zozobra in October is great too. The food is wonderful. My personal favorites is some nice good toasted and peeled green chili chicken enchiladas and a red chili breakfast burrito from Posas. So if anyone from other states come by, they will be thrilled. ❤ Viva La New Mexico!!

  6. This makes me both happy and sad. My family has been in Santa Fe (and Taos) for decades. We're a humble folk. But lately New Mexico has garnered tons of media attention and more tourism than ever before. Our culture and way of life is now a show for tourists on vacations. Prices on everything from homes to food are increasing. Population is booming. I miss my old Santa Fe…

  7. Hey thanks for all the tips about Santa Fe. I am moving to Albuquerque in June so will definitely get up there and check out all that fun stuff. Amazing how much culture is available there. Thanks for sharing. You definitely motivate me to get out even more.

  8. Without a doubt one of the best videos I've seen. I love that you're not only providing some great, very useful information, but you're upbeat and excited about what you're doing.

  9. Correction–Ojo Caliente got it's name from Spanish settlers and means hot springs and has commonly been known as Ojo Caliente hot springs to visitors for close to a century. . Ojo translates to spring, as in a hot water spring. Caliente translates to hot. Settled and named by Spanish settlers in the late 1600s, uninhabitable due to Apache and Ute attacks, later resettled in 1750. Because of the blue green algea, Tewa Indians referred to "springs" in their native tongue. Ojo also translates to eye, but not not in this case. These or any other hot springs in New Mexico have nothing to do with eyes. Most times it's best to ask the locals, instead of those who came much later and had no clue that ojo is also a hot water spring. Obviously the Spanish settlement, as named by the Spanish, had nothing to do with eyes that are hot to touch. Great video…

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