Good Day PA – Penn State Health Hampden Medical Center

>>A drumroll please. This Friday is the official groundbreaking
ceremony for the new Penn State Health Hampden Medical Center on the West Shore. This new hospital will help Penn State Health
and Highmark Health deliver on their promise and commitment to build a regional care network
that ensures that people get the healthcare they need in the communities served by this
partnership. Dr. Peter Dillon from Penn State Health Medical
Group and Dan Day from Highmark Blue Shield are here with what we can expect. What an exciting week you’re having here –>>Yes, this is.>>This keeps getting more exciting as the
week goes on. Why is this partnership important for the
people of central PA?>>It’s really going to provide them increased
access to world-class healthcare that we want to deliver locally here to the central PA.>>That’s really great and, Dr. Dillon, I
understand this partnership, it’s going to build even more quality healthcare access
for, you know, residents in central PA. Tell us what sort of services that we’re going
to have here.>>Yeah, we’re building this out as a hospital
that will serve the community, particularly on the West Shore and so our hope and plans
for it are going to involve typical inpatient services like surgery and cardiology. Labor and delivery and birthing center is
going to be crucial.>>Oh, that’s neat.>>An emergency room. So, it’s being designed to serve the needs
of the community in that area.>>It’s an interesting partnership and, Dan,
I’m sure like Highmark is real excited to be part of this project and a partner with
Penn State Health. What kind of feedback are you hearing from
the community about the partnership?>>The community’s excited because we’re really
using this to help transform the way we’re going to deliver healthcare to our membership
and having again that world-class healthcare accessible to them, that’s going to be close
to home to them, has really got everybody very excited and the employers that we serve
with in the marketplace are also very excited about this endeavor.>>Yeah, and then this groundbreaking on Friday,
it’s really an exciting time and I’m sure you’re so thrilled to be hosting this. I mean, what does this truly mean for patients?>>Well, it’s going to allow us to expand
on our commitment to the patients and the communities that we serve here in Central
Pennsylvania. We’re going to anchor this around a medical
process that from primary care to transplant, from basic care to tertiary and quaternary
care, this represents our commitment to serving the communities in this area and Hampden will
help us do that on the West Shore.>>Penn State, you know, Health and Hershey
Medical Center, it’s just so known for its just excellence and to now have that in another
location I think is just tremendous and construction’s actually started a little bit, like a little
bit of work there on the site and, I mean I mentioned earlier it’s been less than a
year since you announced this was going to happen. Now it’s time for the groundbreaking. So, then I want to know when are we going
to be able to use that hospital? How long will this take?>>So, the process has been moving very quickly,
very efficiently and we should be having an opening in the summertime of ’21.>>Wow!>>Yes.>>That seems — good luck. I mean that seems incredible!>>Good weather.>>Good weather and good luck.>>Good weather and, you know, they get the
seal in time.>>I know, right? You never know what the weather is going to
be here in Penn State.>>Exactly. That’s right. But that’s the plan, to have it open by that
summer.>>Wow. Yeah, I can tell it’s just a genuine smile
on your face. You’re pumped.>>Yes, I’m very excited about it.>>Really pumped. So, again, this groundbreaking will be Friday. I’m sure we’ll see, learn all about that groundbreaking
on the newscast that day too. Thank you so much, gentlemen, and congratulations
to you. Congratulations.>>Thank you.>>Thank you very much.>>Well, coming up next, it’s a story about
finding your destiny. Amanda will sit down with an author who is
sharing everything about his life from the good to the bad. You’ll meet him in an author spotlight. Keep it here. [ Music ]

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