Going to D.A. Plastic Surgery Clinic in GANGNAM (KOREA) 강남 성형외과 | ESPAÑOL CC

we are they Gangnam right now because we are going to get a skin care treatment and our friend recommended us to go to a plastic surgery and aesthetics to get the skin care treatment I really never like thought of myself going to skin care treatment kind of place I don’t know it’s not really common in my culture to get like skin care treatment but as you guys might already know beauty and looks are very important in Korea so it’s very common for Koreans to get like things done to become more beautiful for just active surgery or other skin care kind of treatments and so that includes like for example they like to have a higher nose they like to have double eyelids they like to have also a b-line and but also I want to let you guys know that there are many people who are there are many people who are all natural lots of girlfriends that are just all that I have lots of friends that are have also done things to their faces so there’s both I just think like just because it’s common that doesn’t mean everybody does it anyways in this place that we’re going to we have like a few options that we can get they told us like either laser or Botox or scissors also like things where you’re poor so I think I might go for the in basic thing like I don’t really want to change anything about me but yeah we’re going to first have a doctor consultation and then the doctor will recommend what we can get and then we’ll see so your how do you know what do you want again actually I want to do like important I like to do yeah so yo girls telling me that he still doesn’t know what he wants to get so I think both of us are just gonna wait for to see the doctor and he’s gonna recommend something for us today I didn’t put any makeup on at all so he can I don’t know see my thank you I don’t think so but thank you so he so the doctor can see like what my skin looks like and maybe recommend something for my pores I don’t know so we’ll see and we’ll show you around so you put it over heightening year 2000 skincare program I don’t any want to be white crayon rejuvenation skin care just very loyal here that always you know and then now we’re waiting to be cold I really like the experience of like talking you to the doctor but I thought that when you talk to these doctors are gonna be like yeah you have been this you have bad that and then they want to make you feel bad too so you can get more stuff but she was like really nice it’s like you have really good skin you don’t need that you this you’ll absolute like complimenting me something thank you she was really kind yeah really nice okay so we just finished and my treatment was a vitamin rejuvenation and his was an acne treatment and I really liked it like I felt so relaxed while they were doing it it was really really nice and I would definitely do that again and you thank you guys for watching and remember to follow us on instagram @ 1 well to age you can’t see and he can’t speak can you breathe what do I think is a smell like yogurt when you have yeah you get bruised and then with you put cream on in a band-aid it smells like a band-aid I like the icy hot thing we can play charades a little different I already finished my treatment and yokai still not finish so he’s there with this thing that smells like icy hot bengay something like that I think that’s what I understood and yeah I mean it looks like I have really nice skin right now don’t touch my nice skin sink to look younger you think I look younger bitch thank you

24 thoughts on “Going to D.A. Plastic Surgery Clinic in GANGNAM (KOREA) 강남 성형외과 | ESPAÑOL CC

  1. That was pretty cool to try! Would you ever be interested in trying out some of those things? (no judgement here of course~)

  2. A good video is really find you skin is beatiful 🙂 Aileen yonka so funny whith your mask jajajaja a lot kisses 🙂

  3. Wow your skin looks great and I internally scream and flipped the screen, when they recommended withening your skin lol. if I ever go there I would probably only get facials and treatments for blackheads lol.

  4. This was so cool to watch you do! I would definitely get this done, but wouldn't exactly do plastic surgery. You're skin looks amazing!!

  5. Yongka was right, you are so pretty without makeup! You are pretty with makeup too but you also look good without it!!

  6. Su piel quedo bien linda aunque ya lo era! Me gustaría probarlo algún día, ademas se ve que es bien relajante 😉 jaja

  7. You guys are totally beautiful already and may be just need facial relaxation only after the traveling you've been doing. That's about it – love you twoz, Aileen and Yongka❣️❣️GOD bless and SHALOM♥︎ALEICHEM♥︎(^o^)♡

  8. Your skin was glowing even before the treatment! Holy crap you're friggin' gorgeous with no makeup on!!! 🙂

  9. God’s creation is okay rather than going plastic. So, both you guys don’t do anything because looks is important but inner beauty is what it counts. Yonhka buddy don’t worry you look great.

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