Going To An STI Clinic

So today we’re here in St. James’ STI clinic Ellie and I are going to get tested just
to show how easy it is Anyone who’s sexually active is at risk of contracting an STI so should be tested. It costs nothing and everything is completely confidential so you don’t need to worry all you’ve to do is show up the day the clinic is running When you arrive you’ll get a ticket and they’ll call your number when they’re ready then you have to fill out a form to
register with the clinic and don’t forget if your a guy hold of on
going to the toilet for an hour beforehand Before we get tested we’re going to talk to Grainne about some common STI myths So firstly, if I had an STI surely I’d know about it? Not necessarily not all sexually transmitted infections actually have symptoms so you wouldn’t necessarily have any
physical signs And what if I’m on the contraceptive
pill? The contraceptive pill just protects you from pregnancies you need to use condoms if you want to protect against sexually transmitted infections If I had an STI I’m worried that that would prevent people from wanting to have sex with me? Well the most important thing is that you have a test and then you know if you have a sexually transmitted infection then you can get treatment for it If you are open with new partners it’s good to have that conversation about testing and then you can both get tested and
start from a level playing field And what if I’ve only had oral sex? So there’s still a risk of sexually transmitted infection even if you’ve just had oral sex Because there’s a lack of penetration
doesn’t mean that you’re immune from STIs Okay so will we get started? (Yeah great) So how exactly is the going to go? So first of all I’m going to ask you a few
questions about your sexual history to make sure I’m doing the right tests for you and then I’m going to take a blood test
and then I’ll explain to you how to take your swab test And is it going to hurt at all? I’ll explain it to you and you’ll take your time doing it nice and slowly and it shouldn’t hurt The blood test just feel a little pinch but
there is just one sample so it’s over very quickly So as a guy how exactly is this going to go? So first of all I just ask you a few
questions about your sexual history to make sure that I’m doing the right tests for you and depending on your answers I will do
a test for a heterosexual man for a blood test and a urine sample
for men who have sex with men we take a urine sample, a blood test, I
would take a swab from your throat and I’d explain to you how to do a rectal swab yourself And what’s STIs exactly are you testing for? We’re testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea from the three sites from the throat, from the urine sample,
and from the rectal swab and the blood tests are checking for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C So ready to get started? (Yeah let’s do it) So that’s everything Ok great and what happens next? There’s two options in terms of getting your results the first is that we would call you if there’s any problems with any of your results If you don’t hear from us after two weeks
everything is okay The other option is that we can make an
appointment please come back and get the results in person if you’d prefer to do that Ok brilliant thanks So we’re done here at St. James GUIDE clinic for today Now we just have to wait
until we get our test results back So we’re back here at SpunOut HQ It’s been two weeks since we got our
tests done and we haven’t heard anything from the clinic so we’re safe in the knowledge that we’re infection free As you can see getting an STI screening is super easy, getting bloods taken is nothing more than a pinch and they are loads of free clinics around
the country You can click here to find your own local clinic Some clinics even have a service to
contact your former partners in case you don’t feel comfortable in doing so
yourself Most STI’s are totally curable and
all of them are treatable and manageable with the
right treatment So guys if you do have an infection it’s not the end of the world

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