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do ter de made a token attempt to increase capacity by building a mega rehab facility on a military base about four hours north of manila our crew is the first ever to be allowed inside to film it’s a big complex divided into four four phases each face can occupy a maximum of two thousand five hundred patients i know no other centres in the world that has the same capacity or the same logistical needs not entirely sugar this has been reinforced it i mean the whole thing is just they’re doing their best but this is held together very seriously to say the least better reconsider going up the stairs that they seemed at first the entire structure is just kind of floating Christ they build this in three months they know they’re solving and three on the in three months yeah these are all prefab expect that this is a temporary facility that the end of the day when the facilities are no longer needed they can be given to the military for whatever personal dimension deem it necessary 60s Danny then don’t have it could be six years is the length of the president’s term right yeah just pick that number on it and it then Aaron that its up its up to the next administration want to continue with so on one hand a 10,000 bed mega rehab facility is undoubtedly a good thing especially when compared to the violent alternatives but on the other it’s a patchwork solution it’s it’s a band-aid and they said as much they’re building it on the fly kind of popsicle sticks and chewing gum even at full capacity this facility will only address the needs of a few for every addict admitted there are still a hundred on the streets fearing for their lives

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  1. 10'000 people recieve help, but for each one there are hundreds outside? So there are millions of drug addicts in the philippines? If thats true, someone like Duterte, someone thats trying to erradicate that problem has been well overdue.

  2. if you want to solve an escalating drug dependency epidemic, decriminalize drugs and treat it as a health problem. Portugal reduced the number of people with aids by 50% in 10 years. killing addicts and rounding them I to camps, while police gangs and officials make money from the illicit untaxed trade is madness and evil

  3. power rates is a more pressing issue than this tbh. it wasnt that bad enuf it cudve been dealt with subtly, but instead, he threw a spotlight on an issue that's insignificant compared to others it barely even makes the national and local news back then. the drug issue was in the shadows; and it wudve been easier to deal with it if it remained there.

  4. Wow so many opinions on those living in comfy western countries. People are really advocating the decriminalization of meth, I'm blown away by the utter stupidity of such an idea. Live in the drug riddled era of Philippines for a month and see for yourself how bad it is. If you're close, try Mexico. You wouldn't last. Stop judging the Filipino president for everything he's doing right, it makes you look silly.

  5. how about the victim's of the drug pusher and the user what do they have to say your highlighting on one part of the problem who was rape killed just for some money so they can buy drugs its just sad

  6. mega money maker more like it. If you really want to end the drug problem implement Sharia with execution for dealers and rehab for addicts. Then use military to bomb drug plantations and drug lords instead of bombing Muslims.

  7. when a missile kills thousands of innocent people young old or adult alike in a war it's called collateral damage while on the other hand people getting killed in the war on drugs the government is held for crimes against humanity. that's what i call BULLSHIT just a bunch of hypocrite's.

  8. sad to say that people are good in criticizing the hard ship of others, while in reality they cannot even think how to solve the problem that they are criticizing,,,,,crazy reporter telling that the mega rehab is just a band aid to a drug problem…..tsk tsk what a band aid comment.

  9. Most of the drug addicts in the Phils are poor, a lot of them live in the slums they don't have much money, so imagine what they are capable of doing just to have that fix, thousands of them addicts took meth a drug that shrinks the brain. Imagine what it did to communities. It is so easy to judge the Filipino people and its gov't when you don't even live there. Filipinos are not heartless and stupid.

  10. Mr. Dufffy I think that you are missing the point of all these efforts. Remember that all former governments have failed to address the illegal drugs issue in their time so that it has blown into epic proportions. Now if you have a better plan on how to go about solving the drug menace let us hear it from you.

  11. Ryan Duffy (National Geographic), why don't you donate something instead of criticizing the rehabilitation effort of the government. Your an unprofessional!

  12. the foreigners were already looking down at the efforts to rehabilitate the drug users yet they offered no other alternative solutions. i guess they would rather leave the drug problem to continue because they can't stop it in their own countries

  13. OK? so in his first show he said that the facilities weren't enough to hold the number of addicts. now that it's there, his still complaining that its not good enough? wtf? I know it dosnt look sturdy and what not but what do you expect from a 3month long project. didn't they do it as quickly as possible to accommodate the growing number of surrenders. he just wants to make the president look bad. the problem is, philipines knows its problems that's why we voted for him. he has proven that it is possible in davao, being one of the safest places in the philipines when at one point was supposed to be the most dangerous places to live. yeah it's easy to point fingers when you live in the opposite side of the world. let's see if there families gets killed and chopped into pieces because of a drug users. that has happened here. I would exchange one user or dealer for one inocent life.

  14. If you really do care to the pilipino people.. do your job a real truth. As long as u believe these adik is a human.. just need to prove it yourself. Just You have to stay atleast n month n many adiks area. Dont use car and stay normal houses n philippines .. after that you have the rigth to say that thse adiks are human.. atleast u do your job well. I hope you stil alive that time.

  15. America has an opioid epidemic it's own drug problems. this is a solution construction of prefab drug rehab.

  16. Not enough for a westerner. But for us Asians, it's good enough. All westerners do is complain. If it wasn't built, you complain, if it was built, still complain. Learn to appreciate what's already on the table.

  17. Philippines is a brainwashed populous the news and media 24×7 praising Duterte- while tens of thousands die. its just insanity

  18. UPDATE it never worked. It only host 120 "addicts" and the person who donated the money is being investigated….

  19. Well, I don't think people who use drugs are poor in PH, how could they buy a drug if they're poor. And they are hiding in the squatters area cause IT'S more safe than leaving in a mansion.

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