Go inside the new Steiner Ranch Clinic – ADC

Hi! Welcome to your new medical home at the Austin Diagnostic Clinic (adclinic.com) at Steiner Ranch. I am Tassy Penn. I am your clinical manager I would like to welcome you into my new home.
So follow me! First let’s visit the EasyCare and Pediatric side of the clinic. This will be where our EasyCare patients will be seen. We have a nurse’s station… Come on! Let’s go down this hallway. As we leave this area we are going to be entering pediatrics. We have bathrooms that at accessible where you will be able to change a child and that are kid-friendly. If you follow me around this way you will see that we have another nurse’s station. The pediatricians that we have starting at our Steiner Ranch location are Dr. Linda Lopez and Dr. Theresa Willis. We are very exited about them joining and taking good care of our patients. Now we will go over to where family practice and spcialty patients will see their doctor. We have an area where patients will have their X-rays done while they are still here. This is our allergy section where Dr. Scott Oberhoff will see patients. Our specialists here will be Dr. Kavita Juneja with Endocrinology… Dr. Melody Vander Straten with Dermatology… Dr. Richard Bryarly with ENT… Dr. Kevin Osgood, our Rheumatologist… As well as Ana Urukalo who will take care of podiatry patients. There are all specialty rooms where the providers will rotate through to see patients. The providers will be able to see their patients out here. We welcome you to come out and visit us at Steiner Ranch. This is where the family practice provider will see patients. The family practice provider is Dr. Vimal George. All of the specialists are currently accepting appointments for our opening in early December. All of our providers are waiting to hear from you, so please schedule your appointments today.

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